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posted on: Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I arrived in this town, this little corner of England, in 1980. I am still here...after all these years. It feels sometimes as if I exist in an 'envelope' of this place and I wonder, is the envelope sealed down? Or can I still get out and change it? This place is to me, as home as home can be. Each location where I live has meaning; I now drive the roads that I cycled and walked as a child. My beach, where I go at least once a week was the same beach where I went on Geography Field Trips from school, learning about 'long shore drift'.

I do feel as if I spent twenty years here not really noticing anything about how lovely it was. That must be an age-related thing; something shifts when you get past your twenties and you started to see everything. Is it just me who sees things now?

My husband and I talk a lot about what it would be like to leave, as he too grew up here. I observe intrepid friends and family making moves all over the world. My attachment to my home town surely reaches a point where it prohibits that pioneer spirit needed to just go. I saw this quote and thought: I am not sure I ever even wanted to buy the ticket. Why search when you have it in your hand?

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Time will tell. Life is delivering such change to us at the moment; fresh starts and new horizons. Part of me revels in it, whilst simultaneously I worry what it all means. This, I conclude is vintage Louise; absolutely typical of me! Maybe 'the ticket' is a metaphorical thing rather than an actual; it infers the need to just get on board with whatever life gives you and make the most of the journey.


  1. it's fabulous if you have found what you need.....some of us still don't know what we're looking for!!!

  2. I often read your posts and find myself nodding and smiling in recognition. I spent the first 11 years of my life travelling and living all over the world due to my Father's work, the need for me to buy a ticket has never had the pull that it has for many, I need to feel rooted in a place. Your references to be a worrier resonate so much with me, I constantly question my decisions and thoughts. I think we should learn to trust our own instincts a little more.

    It seems to me Lou that you are doing very well......Enjoy. xxx

  3. I was talking about this seeing thing with my husband just the other day. He had to go to Switzerland to work for a few days and was asking me about something as I lived there for a year when I was 18. Okay, 18 is pretty young but it made me think of how differently I'd see some of these places now in my 30s. I looked back on my travels and felt like I had missed out on so many things as I simply didn't have the maturity to appreciate certain things.

    I think you're right on the metaphorical meaning of that quote. And yes, congrats on your new business. I hope it'll will blossom well ;-)

  4. Lovely post. I think the journey is wherever you are; fresh starts and new horizons can happen exactly where you are (says the girl who has lived in Spain for the last 12 years and is returning to the UK this Summer ;-) I can vouch that sometimes what we are looking for was right under our noses all the time xx

  5. Or maybe that very English saying that something is 'Just the ticket' - meaning that its just what you want. With so many changes going on in your life, maybe no big move is necessary?

    I cannot imagine living where I grew up. I have now lived in 4 different countries and stil feel unsure where we will finally settle down.

  6. Dear Lou,
    Thank you so much for sharing part of your life with us. Your photographs are so beautiful! The place where you live reminds me a place in the northern part of my country where my parents had a Summer house. From the balcony we could see a huge beach with very fine sand and the dunes at the beach were my favourite place to go...
    I couldn´t agree more when you say "get on board and make the most out of the journey" and most of all, listen to your heart.
    Lovely post. Thank you.

    A sunshine hug,

  7. Hi lovely Lou!

    Beautiful pictures! The Wisteria is divine and I love the sun & wind kissed beachy feel!

    Returning home after 23 years of living abroad (more years than I lived in Sweden!) has opened my eyes for what is important to me. I know in my heart I would never have arrived at this level of knowing what I want, had I not 'bought the ticket'. But (!) having done this now, and having returned to my beloved Sweden I know in my heart I won't 'buy another one'. In fact I wish to put my suitcase down, close my eyse and draw a deep sigh for I am home. Right where I belong!

    Happy happy

    xx C

  8. You appreciate your surroundings and that my dear friend comes with age. I have wanted to buy the ticket and take the ride but not for a long time ~ just for a visit then I want to come home. There is nothing wrong with being content on where you are ~ you have deep roots planted Lou and that can be a good thing. I think if something tickled your fancy and you both wanted to just do it ~ you would. xo

  9. I think it's lovely that you feel that way about somehere you have lived your whole life. I couldn't wait to get away from where I was, it didn't suit me at all, and I couldn't be happier where I am now. It was well worth the move.


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