posted on: Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What a difference a day makes. It is as if the whole British nation is in raptures because...get ready...the sun came out. There was warm wind. Trees rustled in summer-esque glory. The grass seemed to grow before my eyes. I had bare feet. I wore no sleeves. As my friend Lucy would say: '...what a revolutionary concept!' The month of May has been so dreadful, but today weather has redeemed itself. Thank goodness for that.

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I will share a secret: last week I was stressed. Good old-fashioned stress. I know it well but it hasn't visited me for a while. Last week it took up residence again and it felt distinctly like it was not going away any time soon. However, I have learnt from my past - look back a year's worth of blog posts and you'll find another Louise; one who was wound like a coiled spring with stress. Fast forward to now and rather than being a coil, I just have a slight kink.

A combination of work, business launching, husband's return to work (and ensuing absence), school, children, pressures, messy house, disorder, lack of sleep, bad food choices. All of these conspired and the result was one stressed girl. The reason I share this is to outline that I have learnt. Look at what I did. Rather than soldier on, I stopped. Pressed pause. Sat still. I am a firm believer now that the 'sit still' plan is the root to healing all stress.

So there you go...the sit still plan and the sun...they have worked wonders and today I had a very productive, happy day.

via cape cod collegiate...a tumblr which I adore as I secretly fantasise I live in Nantucket...


  1. The weather today was incredible wasn't it....I hardly dare comment on it in case it disappears as fast as it appeared.

    Even better today was sitting in the sunshine having lunch with Jeanne and Vicki....absolutely fabulous and both as wonderful as you knew they would be.

    Take care Lou XX

  2. Hasn't it been glorious Lou ?....I drove with my top down .... that's the car top not my top....that wouldn't be a pretty sight !!!! haha
    Re the stress thing.... I think that you are just dealing with everything and not letting it get to you, which is great.
    We are off to The Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow. I think that I will be finding lots of photo opportunites !
    Enjoy the lovely weather. XXXX

  3. Pleased to hear you aren't letting the stress get to you. The sun does work wonders doesn't it. We've had glorious weather for a few weeks, but this week we are back to the chilly grey rain! No more breakfast, lunch and dinner in the garden. Enjoy your sunny days.

  4. The sun has visited here in Copenhagen as well.

    Glad to hear that you won't let stress sneak up on you anymore.

  5. Oh this weather has been seriously sensational. I forgot what it felt like. I've missed it so much. Hope it stays!

    and lou, i secretly wish i lived in Nantucket too! or any New England state for that matter :) How fun! xx

  6. My my Lou ~ with age comes wisdom or we learn from the mistakes of the past.... either way I am glad that you have conquered your dragon so to speak. We had 4 full days of sunshine ~ bare feet ~ sunburns and I have loved every last moment of it! We broke records here yesterday ~ 29 with a humidex reading of 31 ~ welcome summer ~ so nice to see you. The sun shining just puts you in a better mood I think.

  7. I love that you have it all figured out. I haven't quite determined how to stop or even slow down yet - what gets dropped? - but my time is coming soon. Just a couple more months, and I'm hoping I'll find some of that elusive balance.

    Oh, and my sister received her facial oil! She loves it - of course. ;-)

  8. So happy the sun has found you...and on dealing with stress positively.

  9. Evviva!
    Love, Daniela

  10. Dear Lou

    Like Carina said, we are having a wonderful weather in Copenhagen :-)
    Great to hear that you don´t let stress get to you! Sending you a sunny hug, Manuela

  11. It takes a lot of time and tears to realise it, but - VERY good advice!
    Paula x

  12. The sun is amazingly healing. I'm working my way round to sitting still. NOw you have advocated this I may try it more.


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