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posted on: Friday, 27 April 2012

Finally Friday! A week of elated ups and some slightly lower downs. We continue to live in a state of some flux, waiting for the normality of school and jobs to have their effect. School at least is back, affording me a moment's pause in the day to restore order.

A week spent facing my confidence demons, gradually getting used to outing this blog to those who know me, as I prepare to launch the Apothecary next week. It's all about getting comfortable in one's skin; accepting that people will think what they think, like what they like, judge what the judge - and that's OK. The point is, I have decided to put myself out there and despite my fears, the resounding reaction has been so positive. It swells my heart. I quite like that I am not a foregone conclusion for those who know me (and those who don't!); as my husband described me: '...a quiet bee; clever and quiet'.

A week of frankly bizarre weather has left me longing for the sun...wishing that summer would make an early appearance. I'm so tired of inclement weather; wouldn't be lovely to feel the heat again?! Here's to some pretty, positively calming 'things of beauty'...

photograph by chris nicholls

via dust jacket attic

Olivia Palermo in marie claire

via skona hem

via cape cod collegiate

via nantucket youth

via a feminine tomboy

via this flickr

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. The "not strictly a meal" had me laughing. Good for you on the "outing".

    warm hugs from oz,

  2. Oh Lou ... not caring what other people think is one of the hardest things of all, isn't it?! I wonder if we will ever master it :) although you are certainly on your way (and hooray for that!).

    I hope everything is going well with the Apothecary - such an exciting time for you and I am super proud of you for going for it! Have a lovely weekend and stay warm :) xox

  3. Dear Lou
    I look forward to seeing your Apothecary and admire you for daring "face your confidence demons". I have some too...
    Me too, I long for sunshine and warm days. It is still chilly up here.
    Enjoy a lovely weekend. Spring hugs, Manuela

  4. mmmm, those cupcakes and those men in the Hamptons sure are deliciously gorgeous!

  5. Cupcakes and tea isn't a meal....are you sure??!! ;)

    Gorgeous images and words as always Lou....

    So excited for your Apothecary have a vision and it's all yours, keep it that way. If we changed our vision to suit anyone and everyone, we'd end up losing what made it our vision in the first wouldn't we? You are bringing yourself to it and that is what will make it wonderful and special.

    SO excited....did I already tell you that??!! ;) XX

  6. I am so proud of you Lou for getting out there with your launch...and the blog! You should be proud of both - your blog is a beautiful expression of who you are and your thoughts. And I cannot WAIT to see the results of your exciting. Wishing you a lovely weekend my friend and may normality (and the heat of the sun) return soon! xxx

  7. Can't wait to see the Apothecary. So exciting! Isn't the picture of the dining room with the large mirror and the chandelier from the Danish hair stylist, Gunn Britt's home? I just LOVE her home.

  8. Hello my 'half-Danish' sentimental beach freak of a friend! x :)

    I have been reading but not able to comment for a while due to some crazy times here, but now - with a slight panting - I am ducking in swiftly to say YAAAAAY for you and your new path. It is simply wonderful Lou and I am beyond proud of you!

    Of course your style is spot on - all of us who read you regularly know this - but most importantly your brand will be a truthful expression of what you believe in. And that to me goes beyond style, it becomes a philosophy which when done right and with passion is a powerful thing. And I have no doubt that yours will be just that!

    Best of luck darling. I can't wait for the reveal.

    Happy hugs from your whole-Swedish friend up North.

    x C

    P.s. Congratulations to your husband on his new job. It's all such good news! x

  9. Beautiful !I look forward for your Apothecar
    A lovely weekend and hugs from

  10. We HAVE had similar weeks Lou! The week-end has been a bit better here for me so I hope you are feeling more like yourself too. I adore those cupcakes ~ just pinned them actually ~ great minds think alike they say. Smile and be happy ~ you deserve it you know. xo

  11. lou i am so so excited for you! cant wait to see the finished product! i can imagine it would be scary sometimes, thinking what others might think, but those are they people who dont matter! i just cant wait to see it! i know it will be amazing!

    and ahhhh i am dying for the sun! when is it cominggg?? love those cupcakes in the second photo :) xx

  12. Lots of pretty inspiration here.


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