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posted on: Monday, 23 April 2012

The pursuit of all. Somewhere along the way I got greedy and decided (consciously or sub-consciously?) that I wanted it all. The whole life. With all the trimmings. My Dad asked me recently, why do take on more and more? Why so driven? I never realise I am driven until people point it out to me. I genuinely think I am passive in life. Yet here I am in this pursuit. Of everything. I seem to feel the need to squeeze every last drop out of every day; I have a love/hate relationship with sleep right now. All sleep is good sleep and I long for that moment at the end of the day when I rest my head on the pillow. But I know that when I am sleeping I am getting nothing done! So much to do...

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The realisation is that we all have our motivations; for some of us though, motivation is more visible. I think in me, it was always there, just dormant; behind the scenes. It hadn't found its voice. So, it's funny how things go.

I am struck by the way in which my generation go after my good friend who ran the London marathon on Sunday with a cracked rib. I just knew that she had the gumption to complete that race no matter what. That was her pursuit.

My husband's pursuit has come full circle. He has a new job - starting next week! If ever I was in any doubt, every cloud does have a silver lining. Just when you think an event will spell disaster for your little life, it instead gives you a life lesson you never knew you needed.


  1. Yay, so happy he got a new you can focus on your Apothocary which I can;t wait to see.

  2. Good luck for everything
    Hugs, daniela

  3. Fabulous reminder of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am sure your household is much stronger now that everyone is feeling fulfilled and doing what they want :-)
    Congrats on being so positive and inspiring; showing us we can't control what happens, but we can control how we react to it xx

  4. It is great to hear that your husband got a new job and that you "want to squeeze every last drop out of every day" :-)
    Thank you for one more lovely post. Warm hug, Manuela

  5. Happy for you and your husband. For learning a lesson, making the most out of an opportunity, looking at the bright side of unexpected things, and continuing to strive for everything you want in life.

  6. I am so delighted your husband got a job. Now you can make your new venture become a reality

  7. I kinda want it all too.
    Funny husband and I had a frame in our living room that said "Simplify." We tried to apply it to our life.
    A couple of nights ago we noticed it, sitting there, as it has all these years, and we chuckled. I suggested we get one that says "Complicate."

  8. You need sleep but I know how hard it is to shut your brain off when you go to bed! Wahoo for hubby's new job ~ hugs to you girlie. xo


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