posted on: Monday, 9 April 2012

Before the Apothecary entered my life, most of my creative impulses were channelled into this blog; if I felt the need to write, I'd write. Now I feel like every creative urge is going into the new business (just so many things to think of!) and the blog is suffering as a result.

Recent days spent mixing blends of lavender and bergamot, the house wafting of scent. Filling and lining up little bottles, gazing at them in the hope that one day soon they will sell! Not yet ready to launch; you know how I have that perfectionist problem? Well, turns out it applies to this too. Quelles surprise.

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Easter was spent in a chocolate daze, seeing friends and family and marvelling at the British weather when the sun shined, cursing it when it didn't. Today it's raining. Bank Holiday Monday wouldn't be the same without rain.

I wanted to write about an anonymous comment that I received. One where I wish I had known the commenter so I could write back to her and talk about it. It was one of those comments that leaves a blogger feeling humbled and slightly shame-faced for not having thought of the feelings she might injure in her writing. Well, not injure exactly; more like provoke.

The comment was in response to an assertion I'd made: that my husband loosing his job was the best thing that could have happened to us. Her view was that whilst for us it could be that way; when her husband lost his job, it had and still has, a real impact on his soul. Finding work is hard, money is tight. The future unclear. Here is where I felt shame-faced. I accept that so much of what is presented here is sunny-side-up; that we revel in a lucky, pretty life, protected from some of the harsh realities that are out there.

via beautifully suddenly
So I wanted to say...I completely understand; I have enormous empathy for a comment like that, which was not in any way meant with malice. It's just a fact; what is good for some, causes pain for others and I wish it weren't that way...

That's all I can


  1. I am very excited for your new project, so excited.....I can sense the energy that you are putting into it....and I love the positive influence it is having on you, you sound transformed and that's lovely to hear.

    Can't to see - and smell it all. Cannot Wait.

    And yes, the rain....I need a long long walk but it would seem today is not the day for it Xx

  2. I have just recently started following your blog and, as you say, you write from your life perspectives which sometimes doesn't always resonate with everyone, but that is the nature of blogging, and life in general. Your blog is a breath of fresh air, you have a positive outlook, sunny side up. I am the same most of the time. I am sure you too have some down times, but all you can do is write from the heart. Keep smiling and then, when those bad times hit, the smiles will see you through. I'm beginning to sound like your mother now, so I'm off!

  3. I think you have viewed the loss of your husbands job and your returning to work as a oportunity to reflect on your life and your happiness. I don't think you meant for a moment to belittle the harsh realities of job loss. We have been through this in my own family and I would certainly say if it is a long term thing there is no doubth that it has an enormous impact on family life not just in terms of finance but yes in terms of the confidence of the person. Many people define themselves by their work , position and status and this is ripped away the longer the person is out of work. I think maybe this is one area that is not spoken about in blogs.

    But I admire you greatly and love to read your blog. I think to use this as an opportunity to reinvent youself is just great. But you did not mean to hurt that person and she is very much in our thoughts and I hope she knows we are thinking of her.

  4. Dear Lou,
    I can't wait to see 'The Apothocary's' collection. I can smell it from here in Herfordshire !! I told you the other will be opening your first shop soon !!
    ....and, please don't worry about ' anonymous's' comment. As much as life is difficult for her at the moment, you cannot be responsible for everyone's life and can only talk about things from your point of view and how things are going in your life. It's a bit like me saying, please don't talk about how young you are with young children as I am miles older than you and my life is so different from yours. It is so refreshing to read your blog with it's honesty and openness.
    ....oh, and by the way, whenever you mention your 'Apothocary' journey, I always think of Sandra Bullock's shop in 'Practical Magic' !! I loved her shop in that film and her products looked so beautiful, as I know yours will be. XXXX

  5. Lou ~ you say what is in your heart and I know that you would not be flip in your comment about your hubby. It was the best thing for your family and there is no reason to beat yourself up about it. Everyone is different ~ they say that everything happens for a reason and I think we can get down well enough on our own without someone pulling you down. Sunny side up is good but truth is good too and that my dear is one of the reasons why I love your blog so much. Blending your potions sounds like so much fun ~ you go girl ~ can't wait for the launch! xo

  6. We write, and others read. And of course our words will evoke a response. Nothing wrong in that. But when someone writes us back with a different perspective it is a lovely thing to be able to wrap oneself around their view...and respond with empathy and kindness.
    I really liked how you responded...
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  7. I can imagine the feeling, but your response is beautiful and appropriate. It is always clear in your writing that you are portraying your own life and not attempting to project your feelings onto others. It is unfortunate that that comment struck a tender area for that reader, and it is important for us all to realize and remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. You certainly have nothing to feel shameful about, though, and your response is thoughtful.

    I simply can. not. wait! to see the results of your new business venture. Already thinking that something yummy-smelling might make a good gift for my sister. Do you know yet where you'll be able to ship? I know I know...I should hold my horses. Patience is most certainly not my virtue. Good luck as you continue to get it ready.

  8. I can't wait to see your collection :-)
    As for your response to the comment left for you-beautifully and eloquently said. It is what it is for different people.


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