Things of beauty...and Olivia P!

posted on: Friday, 23 March 2012

Can it be Friday again so soon? Days are merging as work and home collide. I am now nearly three months into my return to work and my goodness the creaks are starting to show! How tired?! My brain aches but I am certain it's still working. In an unprecedented moment I managed to recall just the right cerebral fact, to just the right audience at just the right moment; and my boss witnessed it! Perfect. There is life in me yet. But it is frazzling, evidence in point: I forgot what time Boo was finishing school and found myself there an hour too early. The sponge that is my mind was full that day.

In a writer friend's blog; she wrote that it is ' if some lighting director in the sky has turned the dial up to Beautiful' this week! What a turn of phrase; it took my breath away. But that is exactly it: Spring has arrived, it may be short-lived, but something in the sky has changed and the result is beautiful.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments to my last post. Don't fret, it was a moment of introspection that I must afford myself from time to time. I think I'm over it now.

Meanwhile to Olivia P. If ever I need some sartorial inspiration, it is to her that I turn. That impish face, that pint-sized physique, that wardrobe to die for. Does Olivia have moments of introspection and self-doubt too?! I doubt it...

Have a lovely weekend...

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...beautiful adele...photographed in vogue


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...the most incredible styling...via cannelle et vanille

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...oh Olivia P...

butter soft...via phe-nomenal fashion

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...from my favourite Elizabethtown...via silver motel


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a fabulous start to Friday. Hugs, B x
    p.s at least it was an hour EARLY...!

  2. Just off to ride the mare. A little late this morning because I am waiting for a frost to break. (Don't want poor Red to start slipping about and give herself a fright.) Wandered over to Twitter to see that Things of Beauty was up early. And THERE was a certain line from another blog. Can't tell you how thrilled I was. So you have started my day with a big, fat smile. Thank you, thank you. :)

  3. I think everyone no matter how rich, beautiful, talented, gifted, whatever, suffers from doubts and introspection. I used to pray that my kids found happiness, love, good jobs etc...not I have peeled back the layers on those wishes and I pray they will be confident. Confidence will be the foundation for all those other things.

    Have a relaxing weekend.

  4. Dear Lou,
    I'm sure that it takes quite a while to get back to a work/home routine again, after being at home full time. I think that I'd be a quivering wreck so, you are going great guns !!
    I just saw Olivia P on a repeat of Britain and Ireland's next top model. She really is beautiful, isn't she ?
    Thanks so much for your comment yesterday ..... I think that I might have offended some of my readers, what with lingerie and the 'F' word !!!!! haha.... I don't think it will stop me from doing similar posts in the future though !!
    Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy every minute of it. XXXX

  5. I think everyone is tired now, and need the break at Easter! I hope you have a wonderful and rejuvenating weekend.

  6. these pictures are so pretty and inspiring. I love the shadow box dress.

  7. Such eye candy to finish off my Friday and a week from hell I may add ~ nothing that a new job would not fix I am sure! Hoping that it all comes together soon Lou ~ wishing you a sunshiney spring week-end. xo

  8. Gorgeous pics. Elizabethtown is one of my very favourite movies. Happy weekend.

  9. lovely words lovely desert island discs and sunshine on a Sunday.....happiness is definately here today!!

  10. I turn to Olivia in times of sartorial inspiration...doesn't get much better !


  11. I like the last picture. The two couples are really cute together.