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posted on: Friday, 16 March 2012

A surprising week. In a way, it's good that life is not predictable. The days bring with them surprising elements. This week my Dad and I started a little project together (Hello Pa!) of getting my Apothecary website off the ground. Turns out that as well as knowing how to fly planes (he's a retired pilot) he is also a technical whizz. So we are working, sending emails back and forth, building a common thread. I don't talk about my Dad here much, but suffice to say, this is a big and very nice deal for us.

My birthday came and went; thank you for all the wishes you sent me. Tonight we are going out with our best friends for a meal in a really small but favourite, intimate place. Whenever we go there with this particular set of friends we seem to manage to clear the restaurant with our noisy chat. There is something satisfying about being the last ones, late at night, with conversation still to make.

At the end of the day, dinner with friends has got to be the best way to spend an evening, hasn't it?

via dustjacket attic

by katie ermilio...photographer jamie beck

via crush cul de sac

...the beautiful Vogue

...anyone tried this?!

...a new habit of mine...what comes from having a husband at home in the daytime...

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this reminds me of my holiday, majitos...via tabac blond

sweet and simple dress by Emerson Fry via cup of jo

by katie ermilio...photographer jamie beck

Have a restful weekend...


  1. So lovely that you and your dad are working on your new website together :) Enjoy your dinner out with friends and have a beautiful weekend. xox

  2. Beautiful pictures as ever - your plans sound just perfect, I hope you have a wonderful time and great weekend!

  3. Dear Lou
    How nice to share your plan with your dad! Have a great evening with your friends and a lovely weekend. Warm hug, M.

  4. So agree about good friends, dinner and the end of the day....enjoy!

    That sounds so lovely for you and your dad, to work together on this project.

  5. Yes dinner out with good friends is the best. Hope you have a great time! Looking forward to seeing what you and your dad are cooking up!

  6. hi Lou how are you? And happy birthday. Yes dinner with friends is the way to go.

    Your Apothocary sounds fantastic. How exciting. I can;t wait to see (and buy of course).


  7. Love those kind of dinners ~ I actually had one of those last night when the waiter said he was going to start charging us rent ~ it's ok he was cute! How exciting to work with your Dad on your new venture ~ I betcha he loves that he can help you in this way. Love the pictures you chose for today ~ those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Happy week-end. xo

  8. Enjoy your weekend and I love the pictures that you choose for your blog posts. :)

  9. Lou, many thanks for (eventually) letting me know about your clandestine activities. I had always assumed that the reason you couldn't call, write or visit so often was because of the overwhelming demands of a young family and a stressful career, but it seems that you have been writing to the whole world instead!

    Anyway, congratulations on producing such an attractive and entertaining record of your life. Now, at least, I shall be able to keep an eye on what you are up to . . .

    PS What's an Apokathery, Apothikary, - Apothecary anyway - I thought you did English at Uni?

  10. I think that it is! I hope you had a blast.
    I've recently come across your blog and wanted to say, Hi. I am enjoying your lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I just came across Emerson Fry on Pinterest. I wish I could afford one of their gorgeous dresses.

  12. Hope your birthday was fabulous my lovely friend and so excited to hear things are progressing with the Apothecary...this is gonna be amazing... I can feel it! And I love those dinners out with friends when you sit talking all night..the perfect way to spend time! Happy Sunny Monday! xx

  13. Kate looks truly like an angel on this picture so innocent and beautiful I just love it. Greets check out report london

  14. Lovely blog and lovely words.... just discovered it. It´s a pleasure to follow you.
    Love... from Llanes (Spain).


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