posted on: Friday, 9 March 2012

Despite my assertions a few days ago, things have caught up with me this week. It's Friday and I don't want to do any more work! I've spent all week fighting this deep-sea-diver tiredness that is reminiscent of when the children were tiny. I just want to sleep! And sleep more. However there is not much sleep on offer as I have so much to do! I find myself furtively yearning for sunshine and summer and having bare shoulders and feet. I am weary of this winter; it's always the way come March.

The puppy has had an operation this week and so he has been feeling decidedly sad and is sporting the cone of shame, which prevents him from licking his wounds. Everyone wants to lick their wounds sometimes so I do feel a hefty dose of dog-owner guilt for inflicting this on him. But he was getting awfully friendly with Boo's Bagpuss cuddly toy...

photograph by Alexandra Grablewski
I have seen this week how tiredness frays the nerves and how my handling of normal home situations has resulted in tetchy remarks and being cross at my children. I hate to be that kind of mother; they hate it too. So I need to take a deep breath and get back to being kind and tolerant again.

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This weekend we are booked up with parties and choir appearances; rugby tournaments and vet visits. I wonder where the time went when weekends were for sleeping in and relaxing. How did life get so full? But even if it brims over, I figure it's meant to be this way and it's good.

I went to circuit training this morning and as I sit here typing, the wondrous endorphins of exercise have been released. I was this close to not going! Whilst I still hate the 'plank' with a vengeance, there is the satisfaction that doing circuits twice a week, with my friends, has made me strong. I am spending a lot of my time daydreaming (hence the tiredness?). There is just so much I want to do! I just need more hours in the day!

...this is so so true for me...


  1. Haha ..... I love the way you told us of your puppy's operation !!
    Tiredness often sneaks up on us when we have young children and a busy life. I guess you just have to roll with it and to try not to let it take over in your head. I often stay up all night watching the Australian Open or the US Open and find that, although tired, I can still function. Sometimes, if we think about it too much, it becomes worse. The other way to look at it is, when the children leave home, you will be wishing that you had this busy and tiring life back again !! ..... although, saying that, it is rather nice being able to do whatever you like when you get older.
    Hope that you get to have a few days with less going on and can catch up on your sleep Lou. Meanwhile, enjoy the parties and have a large glass of Sauvingon Blanc !! XXXX

  2. How well I remember the vet visits!! At least Bagpuss will now be left in peace, although my 2 dogs have never forgiven me. You are now making me feel guilty about my lack of activity today, I MUST get on that exercise bike.

    I have posted a little mention over on my blog.

    Happy weekend xx

  3. Oh your poor puppy - but it sounds like it is for the best. I'm so glad you hit the circuit training. I keep finding excuses not to exercise (though flu was pretty good one) and now feel its absence in my life. I hope you have time to rest this weekend, busy though it may be - and that the sun shines for rugby tournament (and the vet visits, parties and choirs appearances)

  4. We are in sync this week little Sis... I left a message on Facebook this afternoon with TGIF...such a relief it is finally here. I found myself taking little cat naps in the car when I sat in the pick up line...and our dog, Tika, had surgery this week too. What a week...must be that full moon... :) Now..if only I could get the nerve up to take advantage of a circuit class! I did take my bike to be serviced today, does that count???
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend well and be merry. :)
    Jeanne xx

  5. I hope you manage to squeeze in some rest this weekend, it looks like you need it! Is there no chance to simply cancel some of the plans? 'I need to rest' would be the perfect excuse, and an honest one, like your post.

    The dog thing, I've been there. The cone of shame made me laugh ;-)

  6. Ahh ~ the cone of shame ~ poor baby! Hope you get some rest this week-end and it's usually the kids that make your week-ends full along with the rest of your life and that sweetie is a good thing. I will laze around Sunday morning in my jammies drinking coffee for you though *wink*. Happy week-end. xo

  7. Poor puppy, I remember feeling so sad when I had to leave him home alone all day with the cone around his head :( but he healed really quickly!


  8. FO...we know what you're " doing"...and ROVE- RICE- RICK got the books.
    There goes TEXAS!
    There goes CAPSHAW!
    There goes DISNEY!
    " Assholes".
    CHO is op - LOUISIANA and she's with CRISCRO ?
    Try CROW.

  9. Hei hei from Sweden!

    The past week had me on my knees too. Those solar storms really messed with me, then throw in the full moon, a sick (very sick) child and lack of sleep and you had a perfect Swedish mess of a mother. Blah!
    I too operate best when rested and I fear my fellow darlings suffered a few eruptions during course of the week. Feeling a lot better now and waking up to a string of sunny and Springlike mornings is a brilliant remedy.

    Hope your puppy recovers soon so that you can remove the cone of shame. I can only imagine the stress on both of you.

    Hang on in there darling and remember to credit yourself. You are doing a wonderful job!!

    xx Charlotta

  10. I could have slept for England this weekend.....and several friends said similar....I thought it might be moon related, we're very lunar in my house!! rest up.....

  11. I really enjoyed the pictures. They were very well done. I like artsy pictures like that. Thanks!