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posted on: Friday, 2 March 2012

It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I have so much rushing round my head - all good stuff. Really positive, exciting stuff. Embrace-your-life-plan stuff. I had an idea and then I let it sit for a day or two and then I decided maybe it's more than just an idea? Maybe it's a real thing? A thing I can act on. One aspect I am really liking about myself right now is that I feel like I know my own mind. I feel like my experience is starting to pay back and I am making informed choices. However the net result of all this thought = less blogging.

via crush cul de sac
You see, I mentioned in my last post that I was making my own products, dabbling a little in apothecary, and lots of you asked about it. That's what got me thinking; maybe there really is an interest out there in what I am doing? It is the best feeling to get that feedback so promptly and that is one of the most awesome components of writing a blog. You create something and people react. So the idea that germinated was that maybe other people would like the products that I am making? Maybe, in this little haven by the sea, there could be a hub of production? Such an exciting thought. So organic; literally and metaphorically. 

...meanwhile please can I live here?
I have added one of those opinion buttons at the side of this page. For the 3000 visitors I get a day (yea, amazing is that??!) could you just click yes or no and give me a little indicator boost of opinion? Thank you so much :-)

Other than plotting for my future, imagining myself in my garden shed mixing potions, I've also been working and playing house with my husband. It still feels bizarre (read: wonderful) to have this chance to spend time together. We've done more family stuff than in the last three holidays put together. Such a shame that work has to return to get in the way of life!! Oh if money grew on trees...

It's my birthday soon and I got an early gift; a Liberty-print Barbour. The Barbour coat is the epitome of country living here, a staunchly traditional British brand that has diversified so well lately. I am so delighted with it; who'd have known that dog walking would have necessitated wardrobe items? Then to add to my delight, I was lusting after these shoes, decided they cost too much and by the way, was I the right age for Brogues? I then found these at a third of the price. That just never happens; more of less the same item but at high street prices. Hurrah. And from Clarks - which is another old fashioned British brand. So I am feeling very patriotic. It's all good...I am very, very happy at the moment :-)

...doesn't Olivia look happy in hers?


  1. Lou, you are sounding downright perky!!!! I love it!!! :)

    I am a huge yes for Lou's Apothecary, you bet!! How exciting and what a lovely thing to be pondering & planning? I am putting up my hand to be your City distributor please ;)

    Must be lovely having your husband home - lifechanging. Mine is home so rarely that I can't even imagine how that would be....very productive and lovely I should think.

    Happy to hear you happy, have a great week-end! XX

  2. I can distribute in France if you are interested!
    Yes for you!

  3. Oh Lou, I have been behind on reading blogs and have just quickly read through your last few posts. As Simone said, you sound so happy! which in turn makes me feel so happy for you :) I think that Lou's Apothecary sounds like a wonderful venture, and how awesome for you to have your husband around (loved your post about how he is still "the one" - so gorgeous). Have a lovely weekend! xoxox

  4. woo, you sound on fire!! I think your business idea sounds lovely - Snapdragon's blog is a really interesting one for seeing how a kitchen table business has grown to supplying hundreds of stockists. Cheeky Pickle blog is interesting for indi biz brainstorming too. Good luck!

  5. From small acorns!!!!

    Love the shoes, I prefer the Clarks pair, they seem more feminine.

    Have a wonderful weekend, I hope this Spring like weather lasts, I fear not.

  6. P.S Not to be left out here!!! Hands up for being your South West distributor please!!!


  7. I really do love how your happiness shines through. It's awesome to see. And how cool that you have a fun hidden talent! Yes by all means share with the world!

  8. This post makes me smile. I would also love to see the products that could come from Lou's Apothecary.

  9. I'm so happy to hear YOU ARE HAPPY. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs Daniela

  10. You are a go getter Lou so heading out on this new adventure does not surprise me at all ~ be a "do-er" - follow your dream and it WILL become a reality! xo


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