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posted on: Monday, 5 March 2012

When I worked full time, I used to hate Mondays. That uncertain knowledge that you'd be on the treadmill until Friday came around again. For the years that I have worked part time, Mondays represent something new. They are the chance to regroup after the weekend. To clear the decks. We spent Sunday sheltering from the rain, with films and Sunday papers followed by roast dinner. My favourite family day. So by this morning, the house looked dishevelled to say the least.

Most days I walk with the pup around the fields where we live. There is a family of deer that live in a copse near where we walk and each day I see them. There are sometimes five, occasionally six; all led by the male with antlers. My son thinks the one with antlers is something magical! Like a character from Narnia. In woods near here there is an albino deer that is known by most locals. He stands very still whenever seen; it's as if his uniqueness of being all white makes him bold. Anyway - back to my family of deer. When startled, they of course flee, but increasingly they don't run so far when we come by and so I get to see them more closely. I am channelling my 'Gorrillas in the Mist' sentiment! I find them fascinating though and it's such a privilege to see them.

Rosie Tupper in Vogue Australia
I read a book about divorce at the weekend. I have seen so much media coverage about this book that I had to know what it was all about. I am not divorced and hope I never will be, so it was a tumultuous read. I felt disturbed and grateful; at the same time. The writer has laid herself bare and reading it, I was struck that she wrote in a similar way to the way I think. Hard to express - but I did recognise my thought processes in her words. It made me glad that you readers stick by me, wading through these blog posts - you never quite know what you're going to get, do you?!

My favourite artist, Jessica Cooper is featured in this lovely video, Jessica Cooper at the Stour Gallery - Life Without Words . If you want a soothing few minutes appreciating the quiet surety and beauty of her work then watch...

I'm, as ever, observing myself closely at the moment - watching and waiting to see how I react to things. I have become my own anthropological experiment. I think self-awareness is a gift. I notice that I've stopped worrying about a whole lot of things I used to worry about. This can only be good. I notice also that I am clearer on what I like and this week, I like my new brogues :-)

via The Sartorialist


  1. I love the "place" you are in right now Lou, you seem to have a real clarity of thought.
    I know what you mean about clearing the decks after the weekend, we too had a lazy time sheltering from the elements, a Point to Point on Saturday followed on Sunday with watching the rugby in front of the fire......Bliss.

    Happy week to you.

  2. Hello Lou

    I love your writing and ideas

    Those brogues are fabulous and fit for a Princess.

    Have a glorious

  3. Sundays are my favorite days too Lou ~ lazy mornings that sometimes turn into lazy afternoons ~ time to recharge the batteries before jumping on that work wheel again ~ great analogy ~ love it! Mondays and I have a love/hate relationship going ~ most weeks they are dreaded but then I try and turn my thoughts around and use it as a clean slate ~ a new adventure waiting to happen. Have a great week sweetie. xo

  4. id love to know what the book is that you

  5. Your Sundays sound beautiful, as do those deer that you pass by...I find them incredible to look at.

    New brogues, nice one!

  6. Heheh your brogues :) New purchases are so great, aren't they? Now that we are on a bit more of a budget and I am being more careful with my spending, buying new things has taken on a whole new meaning. It's kind of nice, even if I do have to walk past all those pretty dresses with a sigh (and will myself to KEEP WALKING, WOMAN!) :p

    The deer sound wonderful, I would love to see something like that (and take photo, of course!).


  7. I so loved reading your post today ... it really touched me somehow.
    Happy week to you ...

  8. This post is just great, it has such a sense of calm and place.