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posted on: Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What's with this weather? Is it sunny where you are? Its miserable here. I am meant to be spending the afternoon watching Boo in a netball tournament...it's going to be soggy. Meanwhile yesterday was epiphany Tuesday. At work, during an appraisal discussion (oh-so-corporate) it suddenly became very clear to me. The journey that I started last summer, working out why on earth I was working at the pace I had been for the last ten years, is coming full circle.

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How can something that is so obvious have been so hazy, so impossible to make out? After years and years of trying and trying to be the perfect employee, I have realised that the trying is in vain. And that's OK. I smiled as this thought dawned on me, right in the middle of my meeting, right when I should have been looking serious and contemplative. I am still a good employee; I've just finally accepted that I can't be perfect. For me, at work, this is the year of mediocrity. As incongruous as that sounds in this era of constant striving, it's how I feel and I like it.

I set my sights on other things closer to home; I am building my own little empire, made out of essential oils and potions. I can't wait to show you, but I am going to wait until I have done a bit more experimentation and I get the styling right. For me; it's all about styling...

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No matter what happens, whether it's mediocre or awesomely fantastic, I am fine with that. The point is sometimes you have to stop doing what you feel like you should be doing, and start doing what moves you. So that's my thought for the day, I'll see now if I can get my head out the clouds ;-)

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  1. Oh wow. I am always striving to be perfect and beating myself up about it. Just a few months ago I told one of my members of staff she should not do this, that she could not do more than she could do and yet I do this myself. So glad you have found a way through it and I am still keen to see the results of your new venture.

  2. Sounds like your inner axis (if we have one of those!) has turned towards following your dreams? Good on you.

  3. good for you. I am sure that most people who read this can identify exactly with how you are feeling. It must be liberating to get to that point. I need to remind myself often that I can only do so much. Honestly what am I trying to prove? Thanks. Good for me to hear today.


  4. Hi, Lou
    You seem to me to be doing well and it feels that you are calm and pleasead with your life. Great if it is true! Go ahead your with dreams and plans! Wam hug, M.

  5. Such a lovely post, Lou....I so agree with you...I to am building my own little empire and I couldn't be happier...hope all goes well for you ;-)

  6. Oh I know this well. I was a super high achiever at work for many years, and after the kids came, my priorities changed. I simply couldn't be the perfect employee and the perfect mom at the same time...so while I stayed working full-time, I did cut hours, and I had to accept that I would not be able to achieve the same level of performance. It was a much harder adjustment than I thought it would be. Eventually, though, work took a different place in my life, and I came to terms with it.

    I can't wait to see what you're coming up with! Styling, mixing, scheming...it all sounds fabulous.

  7. This well may be my favorite post of all time. I love how you so eloquently wrapped your arms and brain around where you are in your life. (and frankly, I am there as well and in good company - yours!)

    Thank you for a beautiful and powerful post.

  8. Follow your dreams girl ~ I can't wait to see you spread your wings. xo

  9. Things happen for a reason. Follow your dreams it will probably be the best decision you ever made.


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