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posted on: Friday, 17 February 2012

And to Friday. This week has seemed disjointed; I shall be pleased when the children return to school next week and normality is restored. I find that my time now is divided up into school terms and looking forward to the next family holiday. Life punctuated by precious weeks off from the daily routine.

Since the matter of schooling has been settled, a calm has descended on us. We are now safe in the knowledge that at least one element of the unknown is now known. I observe Boo in a confident state; her success breeds success. If there is one gift I could give her it would be confidence. What would it be like to go through life without self doubt?! A heady prospect indeed. I wonder why some people have oodles of confidence and some don't? I have learned to be adept at appearing confident, whereas the reality inside differs. A learned behaviour that I seem to have spent years perfecting. The gift would be to have it for real! Am I alone in that thought?

This weekend a quite time, not much planned, just mooching about seeing family and friends. Just the way I like it.

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...the beautiful Meryl Streep who won the BAFTA for best actress... this wallpaper...

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Have a restful weekend...


  1. No, you´re not Lou. I understand you so well...
    Thanks for the beautiful photographs and words.
    Enjoy a calm and cosy weekend. Warm hug, Manuela

  2. Hi Lou - No of course you're not alone in your feelings about confidence. I am exactly the same. Everyone thinks I am an extremely confident person, because I've learned how to project it, particularly at work. Inside, though, I have all kinds of self-doubt. It makes me look at people who I assume to be totally comfortable in their own skin and wonder if they do are plagued with the same types of thoughts. I have to think we all have our weaknesses. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh, the Friday things of beauty are especially beautiful today. I too wonder about confidence. I sometimes love my doubt; I hope it saves me from bombast. But oh, oh, the loveliness of sheer self-belief. I wonder if confidence is a little like a muscle. Could one build it up, by practice and repetition? Five minutes a day of being purely confident, until the thing is learnt. I might try it out and report back. :)

  4. I firmly believe that Confidence is the one real gift, other than love, that we can give our children.
    Hope you are feeling better Lou. Have a great weekend.

  5. Mmm I wonder if Tania is right...five minutes a day :)

    Sounds like a perfect weekend Lou,

  6. I live with my doubts perhaps I love them. Thanks for the photographs and the words, so beautiful.
    Have a "sweet" weekend.
    Hugs, Daniela

  7. Well well well ~ I installed Google Chrome and here I am commenting again on your sweet sweet blog! Rest and relaxation are on the agenda here this week-end Lou ~ so happy to hear about Boo! xo

  8. Hope you're having that well deserved quiet weekend after the half term madness. Confidence is a funny thing, I had oodles of it as a child but I've been weathered and have much less as an adult. I try to channel how I felt when I was younger to regain a bit of confidence, but I had so few worries then! as with many things, I think it ebs and flows. Congrats on the School place.
    Emily x

  9. No you are not alone. I think it's a matter of becoming confident in who you are and what really matters to you as you become older. But in pretty much all other cases I think we all have self-doubt from time to time.

  10. You really have a wonderful blog. I could spend hours on it. Actually - I just did. LOL You are a true gatherer of beautiful things. Your blog inspires me!


  11. Love the post, lovely bits and pieces and here and there, and just as we like them. Thanks for that. Have a great day.

  12. *tea & warm socks* just made me smile so big and wide- just like the first time I came across your wonderful thoughts & *way* of looking at the world sooo long ago in England...

    For me- you are the confident, wonderful English mother- stylish..loving..sharing...balancing life...we have mentioned sitting round a big old country table together- along with the divine Simone- I like to keep that thought...I'd talk you into living abroad- you'd tell me which winter boots I need- and we'd share a confidence of friendship..

    Boo has it (confidence) bc, in some way, your way- without you even knowing it, you have it....

    Thinking of you from Down here- M xxx


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