Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 3 February 2012

Sometimes when I sit down to compose these posts, words and pictures leap from the screen and it all comes together with hardly any effort. Other times however, there is much searching for just the right image (I am ridiculously fussy about this matter) that I spend ages looking for the right house shot or just the right expression of these beautiful but largely nameless people. The whole process is so frustrating (made worse by trying to teach myself to use my left hand to work the mouse) that I decide to give up. Then my resolve strengthens and I think that I must publish something otherwise, well otherwise what exactly?! As I always say to my children: it's not like the world will stop spinning just because you don't [fill in as appropriate depending on the life lesson I am aiming to teach]. Would your Friday be the same without these things of beauty?!

Anyway - a long way of saying: hello, I am here. Next week I'll be skiing; a much-needed family trip that we take each year. I am looking forward to seeing the snow; there is, we hear, A LOT this year. There is something wonderful about seeing your kids shoop down the mountain, gulping that fresh air and being outside all day. This weekend will be spent conducting the monster packing extravaganza that is required to get a family of four away skiing for a week!

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...alexa chung...

Oh George...via cowparsley

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...diane kruger... simple? pine cone buttonholes via rustic wedding chic

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Take the very best care...
Lou xx


  1. Lou - so know the searching round for the exact right image. There was a point in blogging when I tried to collect lovely images; in fact, I think that was how I first came upon your blog. It was so frustrating and time-consuming that I gave up. Now, as you know, I rely almost entirely on pictures of the dog. But I so admire how beautifully you do it; you make it seem effortless although I know very well it is NOT. And my Friday would be a little poorer without things of beauty, esp lovely George, of whose delightful face I never tire.

  2. Have a lovely, well deserved family holiday Lou. Gorgeous images and great writing as always.
    Look forward to your return.


  3. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I love your Friday posts, they are beautiful and I think you do pick perfect images and wonderful words.

  4. Hi Lou,
    Well, I think that we all feel like that....I'm nearly always at a loss as to what to post, and then, something comes into my head and 'Voila', another post is published....and you know how much I love to find the right image !!
    Have a wonderful holiday all of you and enjoy the time together. XXXX

  5. Best wishes for a wonderful trip skiing Lou...I think it is much deserved! I know the feeling about writing posts. Sometimes it is the most frustrating thing and other times it just flows effortlessly. If only, that were the case every time we attempt a post. As always, yours have lifted me right up and inspired me to no end... George has a way of doing that. :)

    Best wishes!! Jeanne xx

  6. No, the world will probably not stop spinning just because you don't blog, Lou, but it would certainly make me miss your beautiful words and pictures and your inspiring and intelligent thoughts. Have a wonderful week.


  7. You found some great images this week. Love Alexa's look. Wishing you fun in the snow.

  8. I' sure, my Friday would not be the same without your images. Have a wonderful holiday.

  9. Have a wonderful time. Snow here in Spain too; who would have thought!

  10. Dear Lou,

    The beautiful pictures you post and the beautiful words you use attracted me to your blog and for that I am very grateful. I wish you a wonderful ski holiday. Enjoy your dear family and the days of. Warm hug, M.

  11. I just found your blog this morning. And is is apparent that you take great pains to find the right shots. The one of the caned chair with the flowers is divine! But i love them all.

    have a great time skiing with your family

  12. I don't always see them on Friday, but I do love these beautiful posts. This one is magnificent - of course you could've put that picture of George and none other and it would've been just as fabulous. ;-)

    Have a great time in Austria! I only got a short ski weekend, and I'm longing for more. I'm so jealous. Enjoy!

  13. inspiring...on this lovely icey-blue new yorky day......

  14. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!