Snow report...

posted on: Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oh, if it were this glamorous! I am having a wonderful week skiing here in Austria. We are staying in a chalet that has just surpassed all expectations. The staff here leave little sprinklings of customer service fairy dust everywhere; nothing is too much trouble. This travel company is just awesome. If I am honest, I could take or leave the skiing. Having learned late in life I am never going to be much more than a basic skier, just watching wistfully at those who manage to make it look oh-so-easy. Today, after a wrong turn, I actually had to make my way down the mountain without skis; it really wasn't pretty. But to make up for it, there is creamy hot chocolate, tea and cake and the most divine gourmet food. And to see the children loving to ski, well that is a pleasure. Today has been warmer - just seven below zero (instead of the twenty seven below of yesterday!). Maybe one day though, there will be hope of looking like this...

from Vogue


  1. To ski in Austria would be a thrill for me! Enjoy your days, hopefully some sunshine in the midst of the freezing temperatures. Imagine the children have beautiful rosy cheeks . . .

  2. Sounds fabulous where you are; with or without the skis ;-)
    Continue enjoying your hols.

  3. umm omg lou. i cant even BEGIN to express how jealous i am of you. can you just seriously take me with you next time? haha. i would teach you to be a pro :)

    sooo jealousssssss. hope you are having the best time! xxx

  4. Oh wow, all sound really wonderful.
    love the cool pic

  5. enjoy your time! love snowboarding. we came back from Austria a month ago :) hug


  6. Enjoy your holiday. Hugs, Daniela

  7. Dear Lou
    I am happy to know you are enjoying your holidays in Austria. I only tried to ski once and it was no success at all! Have a safe trip home. Warm hug, Manuela

  8. You know Lou, in my mind you always look something like that! Amanda x


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