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posted on: Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The computer decided to stop working on Sunday and so I have spent a few days without the capability to blog. I was amazed how many times I had the thought process to write something but then found repeatedly that I couldn't. Thankfully the computer got fixed and I am back. Hurrah for that.

I like this...via beauty and grace
A back-in-the-swing week so far in all other elements of life. Cupboards sorted. School reinstated, dog walks back to the normal programme. My work is gathering a pace again. I am trying so hard not to get weighed down with work. The only way I can describe it is like the seeping of a coloured dye over my thoughts; I am trying to make sure there is not too much seepage. I don't want work to dominate the colour of life again. But I do find that it takes up head space; space which in recent months has been blissfully empty. Is there ever a way to get balance?!

via beauty and grace
I am longing for Spring now...these winter days seem interminable. But gradually lighter evenings remind me that we will again have sun and warm breezes. At the moment it is grey. A grey day. And with these winter evenings, my slightly unhealthy relationship with cakes and chocolates runs amok and so I have decided (along with my too-tight not so skinny jeans) that it's time to stop. Note to self: must stop gorging myself. I figure a few pounds extra every winter is a downward spiral if I let it continue...

via beauty and grace
I've witnessed changes in my children of late. Little signallers of their maturity. When we were skiing, Boo stayed with the adults most of the time and I found (not that it was a surprise!) that she was great company; witty, wise and interesting. It's so great to see. And in my son, his sudden height and his bold face, maturing so that I can glimpse what he will be like as a young man. Each year I spend with them I think I have hit the best part, only to find that they get better and better as time goes on. I do feel vaguely conscious that I write that now, before the teenage years have hit. But I stand by it; your own children are the coolest people you could hope to meet. They make me grin :-)

Maya Angelou


  1. I' m so happy you are back! I love your posts, words and photos.
    Hugs, Daniela

  2. Longing for spring and warm days here too. The rain is miserable today, so I just bought Ruby a rainbow coloured umbrella and she delighted to be taking shelter under such great colours.
    I know what you mean about the extra winter indulgences showing too much. I just remembered that today is the first day of Lent and so, as I did as a child, I now need to give up something - cookies and cakes are the top of the list!

  3. great advice and nice grey dress! Have a good day! Smile! :-)

  4. Hate when my computer breaks :(! The picture of the cabinet with the dishes is so beautiful! I have stopped eating (most) sweets as well!

  5. Lovely post and really love that quote ;-)
    Enjoy the rest of your week

  6. Oh how I hate it when I'm without my computer Lou .... I feel as if my arms have been cut off !!
    .... and, there's never a perfect balance....when one thing goes right then another often goes wrong !! All part of life's rich pattern and a learning curve .... a lesson learnt and all that.
    I love your attitude to your children Lou .....and, I have to tell you that our childrens teenage years were pretty nice actually .... they don't always turn out like Harry Enfield's Kevin, you'll be pleased to know !!
    I have to say that I love February. My birthday, frosty mornings, snow and the weather to wear boots and coats and big scarves and, there's always Spring to look forward to.
    Keep that grin going 'till May Lou !! haha. XXXX

  7. Yes, yes, yes, as always. Longing for Spring, but the warm and sunny part and not the cold, gray, rainy part like we've been having all Winter. There's nothing wrong with a little Winter indulgence - we all need chocolate from time to time, but I suppose when those jeans get harder and harder to pull up then it's time to cut back. And I just love hearing you talk about how much you like your kids. It's beautiful, and I love that it keeps getting better. May that always be the case. It's amazing - we made these little people and now have the privilege of watching them grow into their own.

  8. heaven heaven your final thought...your children are the *coolest people you know*...I so get that...and feel blessed to love so many different sides to life- but to totally note that the little people we created and guide are *cooler * than any of it...

    Melissa xxx


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