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posted on: Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's been a while since I've taken some pictures of what's happening round here. This time of year does not lend itself to pretty images; winter weather and not a flower or green leaf in sight yet. However when the sun does come out, everything looks so much better.

Today is soo cold; my husband and I just took a walk round the fields where we live and the puppy had to wear his quilted coat. So cute. It's been a strange couple of days; a school-gate conversation that left me wishing I had thought of something smarter/cleverer/savvier to say after the event. The wait for exam results continues and the preparations for our ski holiday start in earnest. There are piles of thermals everywhere.

I am still revelling in the simple things; a bunch of flowers, a ordered house, a new recipe. Life is good round here...

...early daffodils...they think Spring has come already...

...didn't I say there was more to life than laundry?!

...bare hedgerows...

...the puppy growing up...after this was taken he had his first grooming session!

...making beds...

...the view from my window; tractors arrived today...

..a Mulberry clutch for Christmas! It sooo needs an outing!

...weekly tomato sauce making; best when well ripened...


  1. Oh your dog, such a sweet face, it is amazing how they become such an important part of the family isn't it?

    Hope your week is going well.


  2. It is unbelievably cold, oh my goodness!!

    Those playground conversations....I hear you ;) My daughter is on the periphery of some horrible girl stuff - and very oddly, I am sort of passively involved in a playground conversation that went on in my absence about which I am feeling rather awkward. And yes, I know that is a very vague description. Maybe it's a January thing!!

    I have been very active in sorting out the issue with my daughter and am deliberately not getting involved in the other weirdness...."life is too short" is my mantra this week :)

    Skiing....yay!! My husband was in Austria last week-end and had a wonderful time. The children want to go next year....would it be bad if I took my suitcase of books and just sat/read/watched/drank hot chocolate?!

    Keep warm XXXX

  3. I hope your week is going well - I love your photos, it is all so lovely when the sun shines, isn't it?

    Your dog is just adorable.

  4. Lovely photos, dear Lou.

    In Copenhagen it is very cold as well and the max. temperature today is bellow zero degrees. Love your pillows!!!Do you have a good recipe for a tomatoe sauce?
    Take care. Warm hug, Manuela

  5. The simple things are really what it's all about. We also have a similar pile of ski gear, readying for a quick trip north this weekend. Austria sounds absolutely amazing!

  6. If it's any consolation it's also freezing here in Seville, Spain. Temperatures tomorrow will drop to -8ºC. Why did I move here again???
    Take care and keep snug xx

  7. Always love seeing your photo's .... hope it warms up a bit for you! Yes, I think that Mulberry needs an outing.
    xoxo deej

  8. AH lou i am so so so jealous that you guys are going skiing! can i please come with you next time? haha. ill pack myself up in the suitcase and then be your personal ski instructor! perfect.

    all your pictures are so so gorgeous. i really want to come see your england. its looks so perfect. xx

  9. Hi Lou,
    Have just noticed the Portuguese souvenirs on your window. How cute :-). Have a lovely day. Warm hug, M.

  10. I think that laundry photo is priceless ;-)


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