posted on: Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It feels like it's been some time...but in the grand scheme, not really. It's funny how changing the rhythm of your life for a week gives a different perspective. There is something about a ski holiday that is so very alternate to my norm. Dealing with the freezing weather (the average settled at about minus 15, which for this fair-weather Brit seemed chilly). Getting four people up a mountain with the right kit (which feels like the normal school run but on steroids). Being waited on every second that I spent in our wonderful chalet (which is so far from my normal life, it's almost a comedy! I couldn't stop smiling every time I was asked if there was anything I needed! Spending time with my much-loved family and friends, some of whom I have holidayed with for years (notable mention to the children's Godfather who accompanies us every year and my precious sister in law, brother in law and their son). And to lovely, newer friends who slotted in like they'd always been part of our clan.

...the view from our chalet...
So all good - except that we were dodging a sickness bug that ultimately swept through the place, and which I eventually succumbed to when we got home. So I was out of action for a day or two and my lovely Mum came to help out. In a re-run of my girlhood sick days, she brought me Heinz tomato soup when I felt I could eat again, and I was reminded of my childhood bedroom, complete with rosebud sprigged wallpaper, which I used to count when whiling away the hours, laid up in bed. I love my Mum so much it actually makes me heart ache.

via country living
And so to updates...before we left we got the results to Boo's entrance exam. Oblige me in a moment of parental boast: SHE GOT IN!! Yey. So very proud and bizarrely emotional about it. To see her face when she opened the letter ranks as one of those all-time memorable moments of parenting. I couldn't be prouder; she did this on her own, after months and months of work. What this school place should afford her is the opportunity for independence and greatness, without wanting to sound over-dramatic. It's a chance to attend a senior school where she will be nurtured and pushed. I hope that it works out that way.

It's nice to be back...bring the Spring!


  1. Dear Lou
    So happy to know that Boo succeed in her entrance exam and got in the school she wanted to.Congratulations to the proud Mom !!! I do understand how you feel about that.
    The view from the chalet is stunning and it sounds to me that you had a lovely holiday. So happy to hear that. Enjoy the rest of the week. Warm hug, Manuela

  2. Yayy Lou,
    I am so so happy for Boo! So exciting! You must be so proud!

    Your week skiing sounds and looks incredible. I have been dying to ski for so long! Feels weird since I used to ski every.single.day for 4 months at a time!
    At least i will get to when I go back home at the end of August!

    Hope you are feeling better! The sentence you wrote about how much you love your mum made my eyes water! I miss mine so so much every day!! i cannot wait for her (and my dad and brother) to be over here with us in 5 weeks time!


  3. Oh wonderful! Congratulations to your daughter, I hope she feels proud of herself and what wonderful confidence it will give her. I do hope you feel better soon. Your description of your childhood bedroom reminds me so much of mine as a child.


  4. Lou

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and though sad you got sick, it is wonderful that you got looked after when you were poorly. Sometimes that is very much needed.

    And brilliant news for Boo! So happy for you both.

    I hope you feel fully recovered soon.

  5. Congratulations! Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Dear Lou I'm so happy for Boo (and for you). I love your blog.
    Hugs, Daniela

  7. Congratulations to you and Boo! I could feel your elation as I was reading this. Onwards and upwards! ;-)

  8. Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better and glad you had your mom there to help take care of you. The view from your chalet almost doesn't look real, and the thought of being catered to like that sounds like pure bliss. I'm glad your sickness waited until your vacation was over. Also a huge congrats to Boo for being accepted to your chosen school - I'm sure that is a huge load off your mind now that you can plan and move forward.

  9. Congrats and well done to your daughter. I can imagine the smiles all around.

  10. Congrats to Boo & the family!

    I have no desire to ski, but I'd love to be holed up at a chalet for a week or two sipping hot cocoa by the fire.


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