Les choses de la beauté...

posted on: Friday, 13 January 2012

Well, here we are again; another week where time seems to have been on fast-forward. I have been having those sentimental thoughts again - you know how partial I am to them. You see I am returning to work next week...whaaaaat? I know, I KNOW, but hey, it's time. More of that next week, but in the meantime I am wallowing in the 'this is my last free Friday' feeling. I have a quiet weekend planned; settling in to a book and eating well. Conserving energy and getting fresh air.

Thank you to my wonderful guest bloggers this week...I have really enjoyed these diaries of others. More to come, but in the meantime thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments.

Things of beauty this week is en français, well just because, juste parce que pourquoi pas? So chic...so why not? You know how French women have that style, that elegance; how do they do it? Oh to be more like them! Enjoy...

bee-stung lips...clemence poesy

...vintage carrie in Paris...

life is in little pleasures...
...french plaits...which I still can't do...such an important life skill when you have a daughter!

via dust jacket attic

...lunchtime, Paris style...photograph by the Sartorialist

french cafe life via tom el bez photography

photograph by Jamie Beck

...marion cottilard in vanity fair

Wishing you a chic, relaxed weekend!


  1. Love the definition of idiom...

    Wishing you a good return to work. I hope that part time works out for you well.


  2. C'est magnifique! Hope your first week back at work is a good one. Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  3. Lovely photos - enjoy the weekend and I hope the return to work goes smoothly.

  4. Beautiful. Have a lovely weekend and great week back next week xox

  5. I can teach you how to do French plaits Lou .... I used to do them every morning after breakfast for my daughter !! I'm a dab hand at them and, although it's been some time, it's a skill you never forget !!
    Trés jolie images as always ..... have a lovely weekend and enjoy work when you return next week. XXXX

  6. So "chic"! Wonderful photos. Have a lovely weekend. Daniela.

  7. Et a toi aussi cherie!
    Hoping that this very last weekend of freedom will be lovely.
    Good luck with work. I know you will be just fine darling - just take one day at a time.

    Ayez une bonne weekend.


    xx C

  8. ..and that would/should (!) be UN BON WEEKEND.. Good grief.. where are those French brain cells when I need them..! :)

  9. Hello my friend! I hope you are enjoying this weekend very much—before the new week and work! As for your post today, it is lovely... I want to be in the picture by The Sartorialist right now, enjoying a lunch in Paris... *sigh* soon enough!