Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 16 December 2011

The final day of the school term sees us watch Boo sing in a carol concert in a tiny country church, brimming with parents, proudly watching. It's one of my favourite events of the year as it really does herald the start of our Christmas holidays. Afterwards, we always descend on a single, unsuspecting but accommodating village pub for hot chocolate and mulled wine. So that will be my morning, followed by an afternoon of dog walking at the beach and then getting the house decorated. We will choose the Christmas tree tomorrow...

The weekend is peppered with two Christmas cocktail parties; so I shall also be putting on my currently unused heels and heading out with friends. I feel like I need this; whilst I like the early darkness and cold of these winter evenings, it do find myself wondering: should I really be in my pyjamas by 9pm most nights? There, I have shared my secret!

I wouldn't be me if I weren't in some sort of pensive mood; and indeed my thoughts about this time of year seem to be playing on a loop pondering how lucky I am. How much we have. How privileged I am to enjoy all the trappings of a 'perfect' Christmas. It is a blessed life, even with its trials, as there's something about this time of year that makes it all come into sharper focus.

And so to things of beauty...enjoy!

...the beautiful Yasmin Le Bon... starting early...

via Cannelle et Vanille photograph by Arran

...everyone should own roller skates once in their life...

via dust jacket attic photograph by Alexi Lubomirski

from here photograph by The Sartorialist

photograph by Lars Ranek

...quirky dress and smouldering eyes...photograph by Elizabeth Messina

Wishing for a restorative weekend...


  1. I think most of us sit and reflect this time of year Lou ~ on the past year and like you I feel blessed ~ we are so so fortunate ~ we have really everything we need ~ of course that does not include what we may want! Enjoy your party and kick up those heels of yours! xo

  2. it does indeed sound like a fabulous life style you have and a crying shame not to enjoy what you have....have a lovely weekend!!

  3. That sounds just adorable ... tiny country church, village pub, yes please! PJ's at 9 in winter...of course!

    Enjoy those cocktail parties...cheers my friend.
    thank you for the link x

  4. Enjoy it all. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow! Sounds wonderful; what Christmas films are made of. Your post makes me feel very homesick and wishing I was back in the UK. Spain just never feels festive enough for me.

  6. I am happy to read you were going out. Hope you had a lovely evening, dear Lou. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and posts. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Warm hugs, Manuela


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