Things of beauty...

posted on: Thursday, 1 December 2011

More reaching to the inner corners of my conscience this week; still weighing up what this little life is all about. The week passed with its normal runs and homework schedules. I caught a cold and so the days have gone by with a fuzz around my head. In an unprecedented move, I started wrapping Christmas presents on December 1st. I have never ever been this organised!! It is because I have time this year; there is time to get things done and I am loving that.

I have set plans in motion to return to work in the new year; I do this ruefully in some ways, knowing that it might set me back. I need to use this blog as a barometer; if in future it seems like I am stepping back into the shoes of the stressed, frazzled, unhappy person I was, can you let me know?!! It always amazes me how commenters here notice things about me before I notice them myself. It must come through in the writing. So if you could be my guiding light, I would appreciate it.

This weekend I have some treats lined up, some 'me' time and some family time. Wonderful beautiful things this eye make-up and freckles and general prettiness...

...such a lovely half smile...Gemma Arterton...

 the sparkles; look closely... just doesn't get better than cupcakes...

...encrusted beauty...

made from pages of books via teaching literacy

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. You find the prettiest pictures! I hope you are feeling better, and good for you for being so on top of things. I felt that way last year and have nothing but lovely memories of a really fun holiday season. This year I'm not feeling quite as prepared. Perhaps I can catch up this weekend. At the very least, I need some lists. That's great that you're able to get back into work - I'm sure you'll be able to take this new perspective into it and ensure that you don't let yourself get frazzled, but I have no doubt that your friends and readers will let you know if we hear it in your words.

  2. The perfect Lou post!! Hope you feel better soon....

    I'm feeling relaxed about Christmas this year.....I'm going to keep it simple and just enjoy it.

    Have a lovely weekend X

  3. Darling, first of all.. I got all teary when you reached out asking us to be your barometer. OF COURSE we will - we all care and love you very much and will absolutely have your back should you slip, or worse, fall! xx

    Cat eyes, bed hair and freckles - so divine!

    Gorgeous as usual.

    xx Charlotta

  4. Your comments made my heart sing Lou ~ I so love love love that you are enjoying everything the holidays have to offer ~ isn't organization great! Happy week-end. xo

  5. Lovely images, as always. It's really great what the blogosphere comunity can do for all of us :)

    Plus, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blog award. If you want to follow it, check here

    Best regards!

  6. I sure will. It's been lovely following how you have gradually been feeling better. On my worst days when I feel I can't run any faster, but am still behind with everything, I ask myself whether it is time to do what Lou did:-)

  7. I'm no expert but at some point I stopped believing that life has to be figured out, I think it simply needs to be lived ... lived beautifully. God or whoever rules all this often throws in all kinds of surprises but life always seems to go on, no matter how we try to analyse things. So, I'm done with analysis ;-)

    By the way, such a wonderful collection of images in this post. Some of these are already in my inspiration folder but I can always add some more.