Hello...it's me...

posted on: Friday, 30 December 2011

Hello all...I had anticipated popping in over the Christmas break but as things turned out there wasn't the time to. We had some big and unwelcome news straight after Christmas which I must admit has knocked us sideways. Isn't it amazing how life has a way of blind-siding you when you least expect it? Thankfully this news is of not the health variety so I take a lot of comfort in the knowledge that we are all actually OK. Everything is fine; we may just need to steer things in a different direction for a while. Uncharted territory can be unsettling though; what was I saying about embracing change?!

My little blog is two years old as of the new year, so I have asked a handful of my favourite blog friends to write guest posts for me and they will be featuring over the coming weeks.

I'll be back...and in the meantime have a very happy new year!


  1. Hello, you! I do hope that everything is okay, and am glad that this unwelcome news of yours was not health-related. Have a lovely, lovely new year and happy blogi-versary! :) xox

  2. Sorry to hear about your news but I hope you have a happy new year x

  3. Happy New Year sweetheart, I do hope the news is not all bad!

    big hugs Deej

  4. Happy New Year, dear Lou!
    Hope everything will be ok. Warm hugs, Manuela

  5. Life has a habit of changing your course and when you least expect it. Roll with the punches and look for the good in every day, because there are always good moments, you just have to seek them out and focus on them! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! Lx

  6. Don't you just hate when life knocks you on your ass! Congrats on your bloggy anniversary and I wish you a Happy New Year full of promise and good health. xo

  7. So sorry to hear about the bad news but I'm happy that it's not health-related. Hope you will have a wonderful New Year. Happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs!

  8. Oh Lou, I hope you come through the bad patch.
    Wishing you and yours a VERY Happy New Year and a big candle blazing Happy Birthday to one of the Best blogs out there.


  9. I am sure that you will cope with the change in your life - its amazing what life can deal to you and yet you somehow find the strength to get through.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  10. Hi Lou - I'm sorry to hear about your news but once again your attitude about it is commendable. I hope all turns out for the best and am happy you are all okay. Happy new year!

  11. I hope all is okay. Take care and happy new year xx

  12. I hope everything will be ok soon, we'll be waiting for you.
    Happy New Year Lou.


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