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posted on: Monday, 21 November 2011

I think this has been the longest little blogging hiatus for me in recent times; I can't even say I have been away, I've just been so busy. Busy. There; that's it. No other excuse. Many a time, thoughts will cross my addled mind of something I want to say; some essential blog post that I must write, sharing my ideas on a topic or other. But no opportunity has presented itself in the last week. I don't like to be away too long so I am just dropping by to say 'hi'. I am still here; still with you.

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What been keeping me so busy? Errr, life in general, really. I am staggered at the pace of things when I am meant to be taking it easy and not working. Full time motherhood is so hectic - who knew??! ;-)

I say this tongue-in-cheek as I, of course, have always known that stay at home mums were super-busy. But what I am seeing is that there is never a point where you think, 'OK enough is enough I am going to clock off now'. Like you would in a paid job. You'd work hard for a project or a presentation, but then when it started to consume every waking hour, every minute of every day, you'd say, 'OK enough'. I notice that there is no opportune time to call time. My conclusion: with motherhood it's never, ever enough! There is always more that could be done to nurture, support, love, coach, clean, galvanise to strengthen. Always, always.

So there you have it.

Oh and also the fact that I want so much to be in a state of preparedness of Christmas that I am trying to get it all done now. I want to revel in the idyllic family-ness of everything come December 24th, so now is the time to get it done.

Finally, I did take some time to snuggle with my Boos and watch 'Anne of Green Gables' in pieces over the weekend and can I just say - anything that you need to learn about life is captured in that mini-series. Seriously. Just the soundtrack brought tears and I realised how much I literally grew up watching it. Anne with an 'e' - how much I owe you. A bonafide literary heroine. It something about her fondness for home that just completely resonates with me; it is where my heart is.


  1. Oh my Dear! You couldn't put it in better words! Feel so identified! Motherhood is for life, every second, every minute, every hour and day I am dedicated to my son and there is never a full stop...so rewarding but so absorbing too!
    Have a lovely week. Eliana

  2. So happy you're still out there. Loved your last post and seeing a peek into your life right now. Good luck with your December preparations...I feel so behind all of a sudden! Back to planning...

  3. I would love to see Anne of Green Gables again. I assume its available on Amazon? And how did you like the Rihanna gig?

  4. Oh you have made want to buy the set and watch Anne again. I loved it years ago, must re-watch it.

    hugs DJ

  5. I watched Anne of Green Gables not all that long ago as well and I was pleased to find out I am still completely head over heels in love with every second of it. *That* scene with Matthew still breaks my heart! Gilbert is still the perfect man and the music still stirs up all kinds of feelings. I will never outgrow it.

    I think full-time motherhood suits you, Lou. You seem much, much happier. Have fun preparing for Christmas, I can't believe it's just a little over a month away!

  6. Was starting to worry whether everything was okay:-) Glad you were just happily living your life.
    I'm crazy busy with Christmas here too.
    Don't get me started on Anne with an 'e'. I love her - I have even done posts about her. When matthew dies - I cry like a baby every single time. And when he buys her the dress.....

    Better stop now:-)

  7. it's all busy & it's all good...lovely to see you sweet....

    gorgeous last post photos- a little moment of your life...loved the ballet flats...and that pup o'yours!

    Melissa xx

  8. So lovely to catch up on yr blog. I am spending time just now with a full-time mum, my dearest cousin, and it AMAZES me, the amount of time it all takes. By coincidence, wrote of this exact thing on my own blog today. I think there should be an awards ceremony for you. I take all my hats off. (And I have quite a lot of hats, literal and metaphorical.)

  9. Lovely post Lou and love the final image. Anne of GG was my fav book when younger, but I've never seen it on DVD. I'm off to find it on Amazon now.

  10. Oh it is so nice to read something so content.

    I think I need to watch Anne of Green Gables again, I always go back to the books for comfort, and have only broken my obsession with Gilbert Blythe very recently.

  11. Betcha wondered how you did it all while you were working outside the home ~ plus doing everything else along with it! Bravo to you for getting a jump on your Christmas prep ~ I have been doing the same thing and feel pretty good about it. I always smile when you talk of Anne... xo


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