Well hello Friday, again!

posted on: Thursday, 10 November 2011

Well that was quick! Time is passing so fast at the moment I have to stick reminders to my front door of what is happening each day. My sister in law said she liked the 'poetic' style of my Friday post last week...so here is another...

Lauren Hutton
Musing on beauty and style and grace
Wearing skirts and dresses; ditching jeans.
Eyeing Christmas presents and planning ahead.

vila denmark via sarah klassen
Teacher's discussions and report cards.
Girl's netball match watching and muddy boots.
Peter pan collars and woollen tights.

via the audrey hepburn complex
Dog walking and more dog walking.
Economising and batch cooking...but there are always sprinkles.

via bippity boppity boo

Inexplicable urge to have my hair cut short!
Missing my husband who was in Madrid on business all week.

via classy in the city

Soothing my tearful boy after a play-date-gone-wrong.
Utter pride for my Boo; such a clever girl at school.

Mice in the attic, keeping me awake at night.
Remembrance Day poignancy and thankfulness for our freedom.

via classy in the city

Full days and empty days; such is my life at the moment.
Wondering: what next?

Hmmmm....who knows?! ;-)
Relax this weekend. 


  1. DO NOT have your hair cut Lou!!! I too had such a desire to have my hair chopped, and now going through that awful "in between stage" that is driving me crazy.

    Have a lovely weekend, keep away from the hairdressers!

  2. Have a great weekend - happy Friday!

  3. i too love these poetic musings miss.lou

    loved the peter pan colour and woollen tights
    the sound of a very proud, loving mummy...

    have a wonderful weekend- all the bits in it....they're all good...

    melissa xx

  4. Lovely post...Lovely photos.

  5. I like the mood of this post, I think your sister-in-law is on to something ;-) Beautiful photo of Lauren Hutton.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. I love this post Lou ~ now I am off to catch up on what I missed last week! xo

  7. Hi Lou, I'm from Germany and I discovered your blog by chance. Really, I'm not pathetic in general, but this is the nicest blog I've ever seen. And I've seen quite a few. I must admit, that I only slept a few hours last night because I was so fascinated by your texts and your breathtaking photos. Thank you for participating your thoughts and your feeling of beauty with us. Astrid

  8. Gorgeous post Lou......please don't cut your hair short!!!! Noooooooooo!!

    Happy weekend :) X

  9. Dear Lou,

    Thank you for your lovely words.
    Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend with your dear Family. Manuela

  10. Love that cake & I am aiming to look like Lauren as time ticks away (but I have a fear that the only beauty traits we will have in common are the wrinkles!)

  11. Love it Lou...but then again I love all your posts!

    Big SIs..xxx

  12. Your posts always inspire me—the things you discuss, the images you show—sometimes it might be something small, sometimes something large and important, but always inspiring... xx


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