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posted on: Friday, 25 November 2011

Happy Friday! A slower day today; it's one of those glorious late Autumn sunny days, where low shadows fall on the lawn. I had a long conversation with an old friend last night and it's made me happy. We talked about life choices and how we want the best for our children (of course). We noted though, how making choices of what was 'best' for their future was not always an easy path. Some challenges and changes ahead, but the point is: you have got to open the door to see what's inside, even if it's scary and an unknown...

I've been thinking about the fact that I've been writing this blog for two years come January, so I have some plans to mark the occasion, I am going to ask for some help from my favourite bloggers. Amazing how the time flies by and amazing how many friends I've made on the way.

Here's to a lovely weekend :-)

...pretty Olivia Wilde...

via blonde and red

open the door...via crush cul de sac

photograph by Elizabeth Messina

Tiffany keys

...playing hairdressers; mother and this image... champagne and antique silver...

Jessica Alba via the vogue diaries

photograph by Elizabeth Messina via snippet and ink


  1. Nothing better than putting the world to rights with an old friend! x

  2. these pictures are all so lovely...

  3. Thanks and kisses from Italy. I read you every day.

  4. Don't you just love long conversations with old friends ~ they can pick you up off the floor with a hug or a kick in the behind! They knew you "when" and can see how you have grown. Hope you are enjoying your week-end. xo

  5. Olivia Wilde is so stunning. I mean, her eyes. Gorgeous. Love all things lace too!

    Hope your having a great weekend!



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