Hello Friday!

posted on: Friday, 4 November 2011

The week that was...getting back into the swing of things...

 Bonfire Nights and school homework. 
Delivery of fire wood and stocking the larder.
The last of the summer roses and the first new season's plough of the fields.

via pretty stuff
Winter boots and having soup for lunch.
 Dog walks and circuit training. 
 Middle of the night thunderstorms and in the morning: glistening autumn leaves.

via the ever wonderful backwards in high heels
  Hosting friends and babysitting nephews.
Appreciating family and making catch-up phone calls.
Wardrobe clearing and guilt-ridden online shopping.

via a lady's findings
Mental justifications and physical aches.
Windswept hair and rosy cheeks.
Tea time and Victoria Sponge cake

via crush cul de sac
  Thinking time and more thinking time...


I have written a guest post over at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket - the theme is 'wellness and well being' and I felt that was something I could add some thought to! See what you think about my pursuit of wellness...

Have a great weekend!


  1. I absolutely love Tania's photos, that 2nd shot is gorgeous....I want that on my study wall to look at every day....

    Beautiful photos my lovely girl.....and a busy week too :)

    Thank you so much for the piece you wrote for me....your honesty is admirable as always Xx

  2. just beautiful knitted comfy scarf! keep warm sweets! x

  3. I just love this post, your words and accompanying photos are a joy for the senses..have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That scarf looks like heaven;) Happy weekend! x LZ

  5. I've just had soup for lunch, looked after our grandson, went for a walk and jumped in the leaves ( yes....even at my age !) am lighting the fire and the candles and am cooking up comfort food for this evening..... one of the best times of the year.
    Have a cosy and thoughtful weekend. XXXX

  6. Lou - you put my beech picture up! And you know I avoid exclamation marks. I was so pleased when I saw it I felt like I had won a prize. You are so kind. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. Dear Lou,

    I hope you soon feel better. I love you blog, the way you write, the pictures you choose and I understand you so well! Have a wonderful weekend., Manuela

  8. Making soup, bringing in the logs, lighting fires and candles, it just sums up this time of year, and you have done the same with your lovely photos and words.

  9. ..Mmmm and candles lit at every meal.. cozy socks and comfort-movies. Fresh stack of books whilst sipping fragrant tea.. Layering the sofa with warm blankets.. and filling the kitchen with scents of Autumnal treats.
    I love this time of the year and November is so full of fun preparations for Christmas.. I have a list of joyous tasks to tackle and this is one 'to do list' I will never tire of!! :)

    xx C

  10. i am so so distracted by the photo of that cream chunky knit scarf! i'm having a majorly huge love affair with chunky knit scarves these days. it's getting pretty passionate.


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