Country days...

posted on: Monday, 28 November 2011

By the by, they ploughed the fields by our house yesterday. This ploughing has, over years, become significant for us. We live in the middle of a working arable farm. The fields are leased to various farmers so it's always a guess as to which crop we are going to get. Sometimes winter wheat, sometimes potatoes, sometimes corn, sometimes celery. For months now the field has been left to fallow and has looked, well, downright ugly. Weeds and more weeds growing up until one day a month ago tractors came and sprayed those weeds away with some kind of industrial weed killer. I don't even want to think about the chemicals. Every day since I have I wished that the tractor would arrive and plough - that's what I like; the freshness of newly turned mud (or 'sod' as my husband calls it and is, I believe, the correct name!)

The tractor ploughed a metre deep with the kind of farming machinery that makes you wince. Especially considering that in the good ole days, this must have been done with a mule, and as it ploughed, birds circled overhead. A shiny John Deere tractor went back and forth until what was left was the freshest, turned field. The children got home from school and commented (as the daylight dwindled; seriously it's dark by 4.24pm) '...ahhh, the farmer ploughed; that will make Mummy happy'. Such are my simple pleasures that this ploughing rigmarole does indeed make me happy.

I have caught a cold and so today I want to lie low. The weather keeps turning from rain to sun and there have already been three rainbows; that's got to be a good sign, don't you think?

I love living here this time of year, and despite the chill I enjoy winter drawing in; the chance to light the fire and loll on the sofa in the evenings. Tomorrow is time for Advent calendars... roll on the festive season; this year I am ready for it.

...freshly ploughed field...glinting in the sun...

...sea glass found in a suitcase pocket; reminiscent of summer; and a lavender bag recently bought...

...Boo is almost too old for her doll's house now...
...the (mucky) pup again...

...beautiful impromptu roses bought by my husband...

...visiting deer in the mornings...


  1. I love this post. Calm, peaceful thoughts and pictures to match. Contemplating the simple things, the changing of seasons, the beauty of the impending winter. Love.

    (Hope you feel better soon!)

  2. I love the story of the plough - and the reaction of your children! Wonderful!

  3. Not to plough troughs in your neatly furrowed field, but Advent officially started last weekend. The commercially distorted one starts tomorrow.

  4. Wonderful post.
    Love from Italy.

  5. Those deers! What a wonderful place, where you live!

  6. How on earth did I miss this post! I always loved when they plowed in the spring ~ getting the garden ready to plant ~ it evokes such wonderful memories. Thank you so much for your kind words today Lou ~ they and you mean the world. xo

  7. How beautiful. I can see how the ploughing is special. I would stand there too by the window, sipping a cup of tea and watch as the soil is turned in preparation for Spring.
    Farm work is beautiful and it must be so grounding to work in tune with nature like this. Hard, for sure, but very rewarding!

    Beautiful pictures from around the house. Lovely post Lou.

    xx Charlotta

    P.S. Am contemplating getting Isabella a doll's house for Xmas, but not sure I am doing the right thing. She hasn't asked for one and I don't know if she is the right age (she just turned 6). How old is Boo?


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