The beautiful people...

posted on: Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The beautiful people. They could be considered as phantoms in my mind; partly made up of magazine images, partly made up of girls or women I have admired over time. You remember those girls at school who used to just catch your eye? When I was little, there was a girl named Cheryl; she wore fur-lined boots and had tumbles of blonde curls. Another girl, who had dropped out of the Royal Ballet School to join our suburban school; she had perfect posture and wore penny loafers with real french centimes in them. To me aged seventeen: the epitome of style.

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At University, a girl seen across a campus lawn; she wore a crisp white shirt with a big turquoise and silver pendant. When I started work in the corporate world, a girl called Sabine; she wore winter white and kitten heels. Amongst the flock of school mums; one draped in an equestrian tweed coat and Spanish brown leather boots. With a sleek ponytail and diamonds. In the street, wearers of pea coats and ballet shoes. I could go on. A myriad of little snippets; images and memories of cool that now make up my own personal definition. Those beautiful people who had that something; elegance, effortlessness, grace, style. Just something.

And as I grow older now I see that this style generally is something born with and not acquired. A fortuitous gift from God that will draw admirers. Much like the pictures on a blog that show loveliness in its purest forms. How lovely it must be to be one of the beautiful people! I am sure there are downsides too...but not many ;-)

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  1. I wonder if anyone really knows they are one of the beautiful ones? Or if they're looking at you, wondering why they never look as good in a dress as you do?

  2. Yes there probably is downsides too, but have you noticed how it is always beautiful people who says you're not happy just because you're beautiful - and always rich people who say that money does not buy you happiness?:-D Just kidding, of course neither money nor beauty make you happy, but if you are already a happy person, it can't hurt, can it?:-)

    Random question: As I am beginning to plan my Christmas I came to wonder whether you decorate for Christmas with Danish influences? Because of your mormor, I thought?


  3. You are so modest ARE one of those beautiful people that you write about, for sure.

    Having now met you, I have no doubt that there are people in awe of you....THEY probably watch YOU in the playground every day thinking to themselves...."I wonder what she'll be wearing doubt it will be elegant/beautiful/stylish...and Louise will be looking gorgeous/stylish/amazing AGAIN"!!!

    You probably don't believe it....but you absolutely have that "it" factor....believe me, I've seen it. And you know I'm never wrong ;) XX

  4. PS I LOVE how you are all about the details, you never miss them do you? LOVE that!!

    Thought of you today, I was at the Country Living Christmas Fair....I even convinced myself that I might bump into you LOL :) X

  5. I love those snippets of style that you have shared, so true that we remember style that way. Flashes of pictures/memories in our mind.

  6. Maybe those beautiful women you've seen thought the same about you...
    Reading your blog for months (and after reading Simone's comment)I know I'm right :)

  7. Dear Lou

    I think Simone is right. Though I never met you, to me you seem like one of those Beautiful people you write about.
    If you ever come to Copenhagen, please let me know. I would love to meet you. Manuela


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