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posted on: Monday, 17 October 2011

I started reading blogs first...then I found myself wanting to leave a comment so I set up a blogger profile. Then I wanted to write, so I set up a blog. Then I made some blog friends so then I started to follow them. Then I started to follow others and others followed me. I spent a fair amount of time scanning around for new and exciting blogs and got to the point where I almost stopped reading the written word anywhere else. Magazines and newspapers became defunct; I got more immediate and wide-ranging enjoyment from blogs. Blogs were, and still are, the finger on the pulse. Most often I start sentences by saying 'I read somewhere...' and I realised I had read it on a blog.

if I were to partake in Manolo's; these would be them...via dustjacket attic
And so now I am an old hand. I have my favourite bloggers and I religiously follow them and love when the hit the 'post' button. I miss them when they go on holidays or take a break. I find myself wondering how they are, if something has happened that they have shared detail on. Similarly people leave me comments expressing the same sentiment about what they read on my blog; for example one friend saw Olivia P on TV and it made her think of me! (Love that) How funny and charming. It seems that there are things that are 'so Lou' that people associate with me.

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But I realise I have become somewhat stagnant with my reading. I think it's probably time I caught up and found some new places to visit.

Can you share any blog recommendations?

Which is your favourite blog? 
Which one do you rush to?

Which blog has the best writing? 
Which has the best images?

So c'mon share with me...won't you?

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  1. Just a few of my favourites: Domestic Sluttery, The Womens Room, Faux Fuchsia, Wartime Housewife, The Quince Tree and of course the lovely Collage of Life! All very different but that is what I love about them!

  2. Hi Lou,
    I like a real variety of blogs, some you might like and probably some that you might not !!
    I love Scandinavian blogs, probably more interiors than celebrity. I find the celebrity culture really boring but, that's probably my age !! haha. I love travel blogs and, I really like to read a couple of male blogs as some have the best sense of humour. Humour is just the best, first thing in the morning !!
    Love a bit of fashion too. Always have, always will but, designer isn't top of my list. I just love the unusual and anything slightly off the wall !!
    When I first started blogging, I looked at so many new blogs but now, because of all of my favourite blogs, that has gone by the board. I must seek out some new ones. I shall read all of the comments you get and see what your readers recommend.
    Enjoy the new week and happy blog hunting. XXXX

  3. I see things that remind me of my blog friends (like Jac's above, if I see a Top Hat and the particular fashion I know she loves...up pop's Jac's in my head) and I do find myself repeating things that I've found out from blogs too.

    I love all different types of blogs, usually dissimilar to my own, new ones recently are: The Drifter and The Gypsy, And George, Ebb & Flow, Esme And the Laneway, Honey and Jam to name a few.
    ps he does have a killer smile, thank you so much for the link-back.

  4. I love so many blogs but one whose posts I devour as soon as they're posted is What Possessed Me, written by Persephone in New York City. She doesn't post all that often these days but it's always beautiful and smart and hilarious when she does. I'll admit to reading through the archives on more than one occasion...

    Thanks for your advice about whether to share or not to share the blog. I've always written while keeping in mind that someone might happen upon it one day but it still doesn't quieten the terror of the prospect!

    PS. Regarding your post the other day about the difference in you since this time last year, I've definitely noticed it too. You seem so much more calm and relaxed and happy now and that's really lovely, Lou :)

  5. If you love beautiful writing and well thought out fashion, illseenilsaid is your woman.

    Thoughts from the heart and fashion on a budget, plus a wonderful house and garden, The Gardeners Cottage.

    Do you like flowers? For wit and charm visit MissPickering and for jaw dropping beauty Bornay.

    xo Jane

  6. Some of my favorite: blissfulbblog.com, thedaybookblog.com, food-and-cook.blogs.elle.es, attic24.typepad.com, helloitsvalentine.com, sweethomestyle.tumblr.com, and more.
    I think you already read thelittlesthings.com
    And Lou, Boos and Shoes :)

  7. I just found your blog! Can't wait to devour the rest. I love sarah klassen, allumer decor and lattelisa. xx

  8. I totally get why Olivia P would remind someone of you. I think we already read quite a few of the same blogs, but here are a couple I've recently discovered:

    Under a Pink Moon


  9. I hear ya! Love your thoughts. I think you'd really like these writing-ish thoughts and blogs as well that I have come to like.



  10. Ah, I always love discovering new blogs. Here are my recommendations:

    - weliveyoung.blogspot.com
    - jessnewyork.blogspot.com
    - ulicam.blogspot.com
    - thecompletetruth.se
    - thedyingswans.blogspot.com
    - hannahandlandon.blogspot.com
    - blog.annettepehrsson.se
    - emersonmerrick.blogspot.com
    - colormekatie.blogspot.com

  11. Some great suggestions already! 5 more, some you may already know well, Bx

    cup of Jo
    lobster and swan

  12. Hi Lou,

    I love Enjoying the small things, such an inspirational blog.
    The Paper Mulberry which satisfies my interior needs!
    You dear Lou write beautifully.
    Miss Pickering for her irreverent posts and Beauty and Grace tumblr for gorgeous images.


  13. Hi! I accidentally came across your blog from a gorgeous photo someone pinned on pinterest and wow what a treat! I feel exactly the same as you about reading blogs. I love them, this became my new obsession and blogging is my new passion. So nice to meet you!


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