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posted on: Friday, 21 October 2011

I write a lot about my children and my life and my home but rarely about my husband. Odd, as he is of course such a big factor in my life. At the moment he is working very hard and Monday to Friday has become a time when we pass each other in the hallway and I long ago it seems that we were away together on holiday. I miss him. It's a double edge; half of me wants to support him utterly and be the dutiful corporate wife. The other half of me wants to say - was this the deal? Did we choose this? We hardly never see each other!

I loved the comments I got this week, especially those recommending new blogs to read. It was wonderful to cast that net and get such a response. Almost without fail I loved them all - so I guess that shows we all like the same thing. One though was particularly notable as the writing is just...heart-achingly good. It's this blog and as the writer Meg says, she likes to pen notes to the man she will marry. Don't think she's met him yet - but it got me thinking, if I was writing to my husband many years ago what would I ask for?! Certainly one proviso would be time together on a fairly regular basis! Isn't it ironic that we marry for love and then work hard for the future and in the process spend less and less time together?

Atleast it's the weekend and that means family time and chilling out and togetherness...

photograph by olivia graham

via copenhagen cycle chic

London...this is where my husband always seems to be...I miss him...

via skona hem

via luna and chloe weddings

via here

I like this; a bit much for the school run maybe but still...via crush cul de sac

photograph by aaron delesie

photograph by elizabeth messina

via atlantic pacific

photograph by emma lee

Its how I feel,,,via better than fine


  1. We talk about that balance and what we hope for it. But I have no idea how it will be. I hope you feel it works for both of you, at least for now.

    And the last picture. Yes. I was discussing that feeling with a colleague. How often it is possible to trick oneself into believing it must be love and then coming face to face with love and thinking "Oh, it's you. It's always been you somehow" and then all people say about love suddenly makes sense. So even if we have nt been as lucky as you and your husband and have had to wait years (me less so than my colleague) it is a wonderful moment. The captures it perfectly and made me smile form the inside. Thank you and happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful inspirational photos! The hues and textures are all so dreamy.


  3. I love the sky in that London photo :)

  4. I appreciate its hard, but imagine the worst and he lost his job and was around you all the time, he would probably drive you nuts! At least he is providing for his family and that makes your time together more precious.
    Love so many of these pictures, especially the girl with the dip dyed hair, I have made an appointment to have mine done like that after half term. x

  5. Life has as funny way of switching things up on us, doesn't it?

    Lovely photos.



  6. After the honeymoon stage we need to throw some different things into the mix to keep things fresh and new ~ especially if you have kids! You are still in love ~ I can see that in your words Lou and that my friend is magic. Happy week-end. xo

  7. You always post such wonderful photographs. And it's a treat to hear a mention of the Lovely Husband. :)

  8. WOW! Your blog is beautiful.
    thankyou, Kate

  9. Oh la, la, I'm loving all these glam photos. Especially those gowns on the runway. So dreamy. Thanks for stoping by my blog. It's great to "meet" you! Have a lovely weekend.

  10. My weekend wasn't long enough. Oh, if only I could work 4 days a week...


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