Slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails...

posted on: Thursday, 20 October 2011

I have a moth infestation in my house. I keep thinking that I am going to open a cupboard to find my woollens eaten right through. It started as an innocuous presence in my lounge and has now moved to full-scale house invasion. One extermination has not worked; we now move to the second stage. The man with the chemicals is returning. This can't be good with children and a puppy in the house. I feel like we should hold our breath. The moths in question are called woolly bears! Seriously! This is not a joke. They really are. Oh the joys of (a house that is over 300 years old) home-ownership.

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Meanwhile, in IKEA, both of my children demonstrated that they are are products of their environment. Nature/Nurture? I think I have nurtured two little monsters judging by their behaviour. Am I the only mother whose offspring take on a 'Veruca Salt' quality when in large retail establishments? We all know what happened to Veruca salt; she was a bad nut and she went down the chute. Thank goodness for Roahl Dahl - that's all I can say. When they act this way all I have to utter is 'Veruca' in a hushed voice and they know; they've gone too far. Nevertheless though, wouldn't it be wonderful to have gracious, grateful children? How can they want so much when they have so much? 

Oh Veruca...
In pursuit of the capsule wardrobe, I have embraced grey. This happens every autumn, when I decide that grey is the answer to all of my sartorial woes. The result is a a cupboard of (potentially moth-eaten) greyness...I have 15 versions of the grey knit; how many is too many? Must try a new colour...

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Finally, what are little boys made of? Slugs and recall the rhyme. My son never fails to amaze me. That is all.


  1. Grey....I love it, just thinking of it makes me feel warm & happy :)

    I love "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory"....surely one of the best children's books ever!! Mike TV and Lovely Charlie Bucket :)

    Funnily enough, we've had some moths recently.....and a friend has also had to call in the Moth Man......yikes!!

    Hope half term is going well :) X

  2. I LOVE your veruca salt strategy! I'm not sure IKEA brings the best out in anybody? xx

  3. Oh, the joys of Motherhood. Someone once told me that the strip lighting in M&S and Ikea and the like made children go funny !!!! That was my excuse !! haha. Our children always had their moments in some public place but, they wouldn't be children if they didn't and that's how we show them that there are boundries. I, too, love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and your 'Veruca Strategy is a great one.Trouble is, I remember the first one....the one without Johnny Depp !!! Arghhhhh
    If you opened my wardrobe you would see black, black, more black and a bit of grey and white !! I love it and will never change I'm afraid.
    .....oh, and sorry about your moth problem. We have always lived in old houses...the one before our Victorian house that we live in now, was 400 years old and I know exactly what problems one comes across. I'm sure that another spray of chemicals will solve your problem.
    Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather Lou. XXXX

  4. Way too much grey in my wardrobe too so I'm giving myself some splashes of colour this year, starting with these gloves.....

    My children too become beasts in any shop! With words of warning before we enter, that we are not buying more 'stuff' for them, they still come to me with boxes of Lego, dolls, balls etc! Aaaahhhh!

    My Ruby love slugs and snails. It's her daily pursuit to find as many snails in the garden as possible, putting them all her in pot. They are then 'her' snails and she gets mighty upset when they decide to crawl away. She calls them 'lovely'. So its not just the boys.

    Good luck with the moths!!!

  5. This post made me laugh out loud. How funny about the kids and your little whisper that gets them back in control. As for grey, I have too much of it (says she sitting in grey jumper), "wear grey, feel grey" is my new moto!

  6. just blame IKEA, it's probably their air conditioning system or something ;-)

    woolly bears? seriously?

  7. Hi!!

    Your blog is a great inspiration for my fashion illustrations!!

    I´ll come back for sure!!!

    Follow you :)


  8. Hi there. Oh how I adore that red skirt! I don't think I could ever pull it off, but it's gorgeous. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory three times this summer, so it is well-known in our household as well. My son knows what it means to be a "Veruca". Thank goodness he rarely is, although I think that's because I generally avoid shopping!

    I enjoyed your previous post as well. I love a good navel-gaze. ;-) I've been doing a lot of it lately as well. It's nice to know I'm not the only one thinking these thoughts all the time.

  9. This post resignates with me, Lou! I am in the house hunt and I am dying for a place to call my own. I can't believe your dwelling is 300 years old! How magical.

    xo Marcie


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