The fate of a dress...

posted on: Monday, 24 October 2011

I am quite particular about clothes; I have said before, I like certain things from certain places and have been known to covet a dress for months. If I really, really like it, I will chalk up all sorts of elaborate reasons why it must be mine and have been known to asset-strip our house and sell on eBay in an effort to earn to secure some item or another. It rarely backfires and I have got to the point where I am so sure of an item's suitability that I then keep it for years. I have dresses in my wardrobe that all have a story; I recall each purchase and keep each dress for years and years.

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Playing in this fatalistic dance most recently is a velvet evening dress from Sienna Miller's own line twenty8twelve. I spotted it last year and could not afford it. I knew I would love it and it would love me, but at the time it was not a possibility. Then I forgot all about it and the seasons changed and that velvet dress was no longer at the forefront of my mind. Now the weather has turned and again velvet seems appropriate. This is where the immediacy of e-commerce takes my breath away. I remember a time when there was no Internet; there was no way to track anything down unless you had seen it, locally, with your own eyes. So google found the dress and wait, it was in the sale (it's so last season, you see). There was only one left. It was in my size. Need I go on? That dress was meant to be mine...

...said dress...
So it's on order - a leap of faith as I have never seen it in the flesh. I just know that it's my cuppa tea. And most of all I like that it took me a year to be able to get it. There has to be a life lesson in there somewhere.

I write this somewhat self consciously in the knowledge that the debate (battle) of differing opinion rages on whether serious and intelligent women can be interested in fashion. Are dresses just frippery? Does wanting this particular dress make me less of a serious person? Does this sort of dress-coveting make me vacant or shallow? These are the questions...but meantimes I'll be waiting for the postman...

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  1. I wanna see this dress. I love stories like this!!

  2. You have to put a pic of it!!
    I totally understand you and I feel so identified!!!
    So happy for you!!! It was meant to be for you!!!
    Happy monday, Eliana

  3. Picture added!! As requested...! L x

  4. yes. i can understand why this dress was unforgettable to you. it is lovely and a classic! and i do believe there is a life lesson in there somewhere too. is always whispering. only when we're still enough can we hear it :)

    congrats on the dress!

  5. I understand what you're saying however I think quite the contrary. Your purchases and investments in fashion items are not 'frippery' but instead a form of expression. People have been making things and buying things since primitive times and their uses go beyond function alone.

    Enjoy your new dress!

    Sal x

  6. I understand you. The same happens to me. I'm not whimsical, but when I fall in love with a dress or some shoes...nothing stops me. I can also wait a year, though :)

    Enjoy it and its story!

    P.S: I love that quote

  7. I love your way of shopping, I bet you don't make many mistakes and how wonderful that you found this dress and it will never date.

  8. 'I knew I would love it and it would love me' - love it!:-D And love the Fitzgerald quote. Am reading him these days with my students.

  9. I love how you reason, wait and then pounce when the time is perfect! A great way to shop :-)
    Funnily enough with the advent of internet shopping I have made less impulse buys than when I could only shop in the place of interest.My mum always used to say, if you walk away from an item and you are still thinking about it 48 hours later, then go for it!

  10. I don't think coveting dresses or wanting to feel pretty or appreciating fashion makes a person shallow at all. I have zero talent in this regard, but I am jealous of people who do! I think it is art...a form of expression. And I love that you go about it in such a thoughtful way. If only it could be taught...

  11. I love the way you describe the whole process of seeing, pondering, deliberating.....and waiting :)

    I really admire you since I would buy immediately, there is no way on this earth I could wait!!! I am not sure if I have ever done that :)

    I totally agree that this dress was meant to be yours.....I love how it never left your mind.

    I am sure you will look glamorous, elegant and graceful in it....since you are already all of those things.

    Love the first image, it's so beautiful :) X

  12. Well ~ I think it was truly meant to be if it was on sale ~ one left and in your size. That is the fashion Gods shouting at you Lou ~ you must have me!! I agree with Simone ~ I would never have been able to wait ~ let alone a year! Enjoy it. xo

  13. Congrats on the purchase, I hope you and your dress will be very happy together ;-)

    Can I have the outfit in the first photo?

    PS. Hope your son is feeling better.


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