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posted on: Monday, 15 August 2011

Sand between my toes.
Tingly end-of-day summer skin.
Chilled beer at sundown.
Endless olives to snack on.
Opening the shutters to brilliant sunshine.
Wearing a bikini as the main outfit choice.
Sardines for lunch.
Getting dressed for dinner only.
Page-turning books.
Children's games in the pool.
Evening drinks in sleepy white-washed town squares.
Observing the locals.
Late night swims.
Moonlit walks.
Nowhere to go, nothing that needs doing.

This time away has come and as it's turned out, it is representing a bit of a life line to us. We need it. It's time. So I am off to enjoy...


  1. Oh enjoy! Sounds perfect. I'm off as well, and although it won't be quite as relaxing (with a 2 and 4-year-old), it is definitely needed for us. See you when we return!

  2. How wonderful. Enjoy!! We just came back, and as I am typing, there are men in my house packing up our belongings and hopefully moving them to our new home. Looking forward to Goodwood in September. Would love to meet you for a cup of tea then! xx

  3. Sounds glorious. I'm reading your blog from my hols in Mallorca. I can relate to each and every sentence you have written ;-)

  4. Fabulous.....just what you needed X

  5. Oh that is just wonderful, you deserve a tranquil break and this one sounds perfect.
    hugs Deej

  6. I want to be there too! Enjoy. xo


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