Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 12 August 2011

Hello...happy Friday! Just time for some things of beauty, summer style.

I am guest posting at my lovely friend Simone's today - she posed some interesting questions for a range of bloggers to answer so you can see my considered (or not so considered) responses here on 'The Bottom of the Ironing Basket'.

Today brings some time to pack my bikini (oh and everyone elses everything) and get ready for the sun!

...the delectable Olivia P...

photograph by Jamie Beck

via classy in the city those preppy boys...via classy in the city

See you soon friends... 
Lou xxx


  1. have a wonderful time in your bikini with sun kissed kids and drinks at 5 with the husband in the afternoon sun!!

    we're counting the days till ours in Greece!

    heading over to simone's now...

    melissa xxx

  2. Beautiful things as always. Will rush over to simone to see your answers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. A feast for the eyes this morning Lou! I loved all your answers over at Simone's blog ~ it has been so much fun reading everyone's answers. Have a fabulous holiday. xo

  4. I'm just so jealous that you can pack a bikini Lou !!!
    Gorgeous images to sigh over and inspire.
    Have a wonderful,eat and drink and have a whole lot of fun. XXXX

  5. Gorgeous images Lou :)

    We've been on beach all morning, just popped back for some lunch...and will meander down to the beach again late afternoon. Bliss. And I've already read one book!!

    Thank you for writing a guest post for me....I do love a good Q&A session ;)

    Have a fabulous holiday lovely girl, missing you already!! x

  6. I came here via the Ironing Basket.
    What a lovely, lovely spot.
    I shall return.

  7. What gorgeous images! Have a wonderful holiday (from an ex-pat follower in Spain)

  8. Oh those preppy boys ... lovely guest post too!! Happy packing!!

  9. Oh Lou. You always have the best pictures (and words too). I hope you had a lovely time packing bikinis! xo