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posted on: Monday, 8 August 2011

I don't recall being one of those children who slouched. But for sure, I was always a tall and lean child and would often bend my body into uncomfortable-seeming positions to read a book up a tree or hang my head off the end of a bed for no apparent reason. The tallness that I self-consciously struggled with as a teenager did, over the years, become my friend. I'm about 5' 9". Gradually over those early motherhood years I suppose my posture deteriorated; due to having a baby perched on my hip for a few hours a day. But as an adult I can honestly say I was not that aware of my body posture until about a month ago.

I have been seeing an Osteopath recently from whom I learned that I have been adopting poor posture for many, many years, which combined with slouching at a computer or even worse at a laptop,  has contributed the pain I am experiencing. Hmmm. Isn't it a life lesson when we realise that much of the hardship we suffer is in fact self-inflicted?

So I am spending my time now relearning how to stand/sit/walk/run in an attempt to allow my damaged muscles to heal, then to strengthen in the hope this will cease the cycle of pain. At first this seemed like an interesting anthropological experiment but now the enormity of the task is dawning on me! Every waking moment spent with straight spine, shoulders back and taut abdominal's exhausting! But at least it is something positive I can do to help the situation.

photograph by Jamie Beck
Meanwhile my husband has this theory that movement is the answer; exercise and getting the body's uncanny, he finds the answer to every life issue in sport! Sport is the answer. For me this is an unnatural shift as for about 30 years I hardly did any sport other than at school. I am therefore embracing my time off to try to use my body; to utilise it. Each day something different. The best so far has been sea swimming and body boarding with the Boos. Really quite exhilarating and lots of smiles!  I think for them the novelty is having a Mummy who is having a go...instead of having a Mummy who stood on the sidelines. I am amazed it's taken me this long to work this out...but long may it last.


  1. wonderful loulou- keep it up...your body & your gorgeous boo's will love you more for it...

    body boarding in england...for this sandy-toed gal it needs to be done in a very long wetsuit...chilly!

    melissa xx

  2. Well done! I swam when my sons were young, and am now back in the sea to encourage my 5 year old and this time I'm loving it. (then I was early 30s now I'm 49!!!)

  3. People often ask me what I do to stay in shape...I tell them honestly that I play with my kids! (Okay, I try to do a little more than that, but if we're being honest, this is true more often than not.) I run, kick balls, swing, swim, play baseball, throw frisbees, try to fly a kite (now that is a workout!)... Good for you for getting out there! These are the only bodies we have, so we should appreciate them and take care of them the best we can.

  4. Oh I'm so pleased you have some answers...hmmm exercise and posture...something we could all do better at I'm sure :) Good luck.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and thank you for your company, silent or otherwise.
    hugs DJ


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