posted on: Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Holiday observations...
No matter how much sleep I get, it never seems like enough.
I have been having the strangest dreams ever...is it the ocean air?
Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the beach definitely agrees with me.
We are here with another family and the children are having simply the best time; never seen so many smiles.
Trying to run every second day; it was the deal I made with myself...really should go today...
It feels like everything at home is on hold...but I am aware there are decisions to be made when I return. The key one being: what do I do about my work/life/whole being?
Conscious that summer will end abruptly the minute I step on the plane; England is reportedly swathed in cloud.
I don't even know what the date is anymore.
The bluest blue of the ocean gets me every time I look at it. I am such a true Pisces...
Am I ready for the new chapter of my life?
Daquiri at cocktail time today?
Are holidays the best thing ever? A resounding YES!

via classy in the city

I hope you liked the guest posts - I'm lucky to have such good friends and family hey? Meanwhile I think I will go now, down the boardwalk and step along the shore for a while. All the time thinking, thinking...and breathe!


  1. So glad you are having a wonderful time :)

    It took us about 5 mins last night to decide on the date and then what day it was.....that has to be the sign of a good holiday :) X

  2. Holidays are the best, mine the first week of August seems forever ago and I am dreading little man going back to school next Thurs. The weather here is rubbish, if the sun comes out it is very hot and intense but is only around for about 10 minutes between cloud and rain. Enjoy the rest of your time away x

  3. Wonderful post. Reading your post reminds my why I left the UK to live in Spain. The weather really has a lot to do with how we feel on a daily basis (especially if like you I am a Pisces too!)You still have daily stresses and problems, but they seem so much easier when the sky is cloudless and you can smell the salty, sea air. Continue savoring your hols.

  4. Glad to hear you are having a well earned rest :)

  5. Sounds perfect...enjoy...holidays go all too quickly...you're certainly not missing any sun, well, at least not for long, here :)


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