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posted on: Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hello...yes, its just a few more days till we head off to some sun in Portugal. I have to say (and I know I say this every time) but this holiday is so longed for...I need it! Having thrown myself into entertaining the Boos 24/7 I am hoping that the lure of Atlantic waves and swimming pools will be sufficient for them to keep themselves happy. Today however we are heading down the coast to see my brother's family; cousins provide the best kind of fun don't they?

I have (somewhat characteristically) belatedly considered who could guest post on my little blog while we are gone and so have lined up a couple of friends to drop by. Keep tuned...

I am almost scared to watch the news in recent days; my country has formed an unrecognisable element that is frightening and sad and disappointing in equal measure. All we can do is rally and consolidate and try to concentrate on the good...

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  1. Hi Lou

    A trip to Portugal sounds wonderful...I remember you last :) We are off to the Loire is the operative word for me too.

    So sad to see what is happening in London. I was in yesterday but not in the area where the riots are occurring. London friends say it is eerie being in town. Shops are closing early, every one is preparing for it to head their way. We had one sole Police Bobbie walking our streets last night. Not something we see everyday. Our local police have been called into London. I pray this unrest comes to an end soon....

    Best your photo choice today :)

    Jeanne xxx

  2. Portugal sounds amazing...I'll look forward to more pictures and stories upon your return. I'm leaving for Italy in just 6 days (!) and can. not. wait. Holidays are the best. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time!

  3. Dear Lou,
    I am so saddened by the rioting in London. We, like Simone , live relatively near to it so, it is quite scary. I just hope that everyone calms down and that most people see that it is not about deprivation and poverty but of greed and a right to have everything. There has always been poverty and unemployment but people never resorted to this. I appreciate that I have a good life and others don't, are poor, come from diffucult homes and cicumstances and often are abused but, this solves nothing. All that they have done is made things a million times worse for themselves.
    Anyway, enough of that. Portugal will be a wonderful rest for you. Our son , daughter-in-law and grandson are in Portugal at the moment. We are picking them up from the airport on Friday so we shall hear all about it.
    Have a brilliant time and tell us of your travels when you return. XXXX

  4. Jackie put it's hard to plead poverty when you & your friends are co-ordinating attacks on innocent shopkeepers with your Blackberries. No justification whatsoever for the scenes we have witnessed this week. These idiots have destroyed their OWN communities - how will that improve their futures.


    Have a wonderful holiday my lovely xxxx

  5. Darling, I was in Estoril years ago and remember it well. This is what you need. Get out of town with the children and just relax. I hope you're feeling better and just trying to CHILL. It's the best medicine. Big hug from the blazing heat of Texas....

  6. Hope you have a really fabulous and relaxing time x x x

  7. it' so beautiful here. oh my.
    here's to hoping you enjoy your fab vacation.
    ; )

  8. Lou I hope you have a wonderful stay in Portugal. Gather some much needed rest and, hopefully, upon your return all the mayhem in London will have subsided. Very sad and uncharacteristic, indeed.


  9. You, Simone and Jackie were in the forefront of my mind this week ~ keeping you in my prayers as well. I wish you an incredible vacation ~ take some "Lou" time and I will be here awaiting your return. xo

  10. yes fingers crossed it all stays calm on the western front...have a lovely holiday!!

  11. So sad to watch the news about London. I keep you, Simone, Jackie and all you other Londoners in in my prayers.


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