A walk on the quiet side...

posted on: Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I keep sitting down to write and then find that few words flow. Maybe I have become self conscious of my thoughts? Or maybe I feel I have put enough of them down here and instead want to write about fashion and frippery. Or maybe I just have nothing to say?! No, surely not...

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I am having a quieter time now, the reality of not working for a bit is sinking in. What an enabler it is to have my days free. To be able to plan and consider what to do as the week stretches out. Days peppered with seeing friends and restorative appointments like the massage I had this morning. Whilst I know this self-enforced stillness is a necessity at the moment; there is a distinct need, it doesn't stop the guilts arising in me. With years of history, guilt and I are familiar bedfellows. However not one person has said to me that I am doing the wrong thing; in fact the opposite, it is all right and all good.

Meanwhile this Tuesday, my view is: how fortunate am I to be able to take this time out? It is a gift...

In my hometown, where we live, I drive the same roads I used to walk and cycle as a child, and I wonder whether my reaction to change is influenced by the fact that I still live where I grew up. I only left for University and even then made the regular pilgrimage home to see my boy next door (later to be husband). I am used to the same. So I am trying to retrain my brain to embrace change, to see the opportunity in it. To identify that when things are in one groove,  sometimes a new groove needs to be furrowed to get benefit.

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The best part is that directly following this time of stillness is our family holiday, where 'holiday rules' apply and we are in our happiest place. I feel like the idea of that time is a salve; a balm, a tonic - in short a remedy. It might be a short-term fix but nevertheless...ocean and sand and sun is perfect for me.

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  1. you sound very very calm....lovely friend...
    that's a perfect place to be...

    there is nothing like thinking of travelling to make you smile...
    you know just how much i believe in that...

    melissa xox

  2. Lou, I'm not a regular poster here, but I wanted you to know how much I look forward to your posts. They are always so pretty, so considered, and as Melissa says, very calm. I hope that your holiday balm works wonders for you.

    Best wishes

  3. wow.....sounds like a good place to be!!

  4. I think perhaps your lack of words is a good thing...maybe a sign of your mind quieting a bit? I hope you are able to fully appreciate your time off, and how wonderful that it ends with a holiday. Awesome. Beach, sun, and sand. Add a cold cocktail and you have my definition of the perfect vacation.

    That picture of Mila makes me happy. Makes me want to get on a bike and ride away...

  5. Change is good ~ comfortable and familiar is good too ~ you have both in your life right now and that my friend is a gift too. xo

  6. You are doing the right thing--take care of yourself and relax in the enforced stillness. Brilliant use of words btw.


  7. I think quiet and still are two massively underrated things and hope you are making the most of them.


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