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posted on: Friday, 24 June 2011

As this is published, we will shortly after be making our way to Wimbledon. I have never been before, let alone enjoyed the benefit of corporate tickets. Strawberries and cream anyone?

And so I leave you with a mood board of English loveliness. Incidentally, did you see Alexa Chung's comments on blog 'mood boards' in British Vogue? She incurred the wrath of the blog population by stating that blogs are 'ridiculous' and that blog mood boards are passé...well, even my hackles rose! She later reneged her view on Twitter. But a selection of images here nevertheless...

via lets drift away
via cannelle et vanille

English hedgerow....lovely cow parsley by me

...anyone for tennis?

from Vanessa Arbuthnott

photograph by Jamie Beck

via brown dress with white dots
via toast

...a Sussex meadow by me

via dustjacket attic

via lets drift away via vogue

a show of mother-love...painting by Jessie Wilcox Smith

Here's to a lovely weekend...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous :)

    I did read the Alexa Chung Vogue interview - and really didn't like her at all, she did not come across well. And seeing as it is blogs & magazines that have contributed to her being where she is now...well, don't bite the hand that feeds you is what sprung to my mind!!

    My friend Jane is going to Wimbledon today, do say hi to her if you see her please ;) The forecast is rain altho that's not such a problem there these days is it with the roof etc.

    Happy Week-end xxxx

  2. Lovely post Lou.

    Alexa Chung is entitled to her opinion, but hey I don't agree, I get enormous pleasure....and inspiration from blogs.
    Have a wonderful time at Wimbledon, go easy on the strawberries!!!


  3. I hope you enjoy the tennis! I also hope you have a wonderful weekend. I really enjoy your picture posts and your thoughts. This time, I am particularly taken with the image of the interior up there. It is something I aspire to.

    Happy Friday.

  4. Loving that pic from DJ ~ have a fabulous time at Wimbledon! xo

  5. Oh Lou,
    You are going to have a wonderful day at Wimbledon. I've been loads of times and seen men's finals, women's finals and many more matches on centre court. We didn't get tickets this year but, I never mind if we don't as I love watching it on tele. It's always wonderful to see it live though. The atmosphere is electric and is the best tournament in the world. We have been to others all over the world and nothing lives up to Wimbledon. so, I hope you really enjoy it. We always go early and have lunch and a few glasses of bubbly or Sauv. Blanc just to get us in the mood !!!! haha. for Alexa.....I have always loved her style but have now gone off her !!
    Have a great day and please report back on what you thought about it.
    Beautiful images as always and I love the black and white 'girl with umbrella' one. XXXX

  6. What a daft thing to say.. It just goes to show how big a threat the printed mags find the blogs. First that snarky interview in NY Times and now Vogue.. Silliness!

    I love your picture parade and find them most inspiring. Always!

    xx C

  7. Oh that first picture is gorgeous! I want to be in that boat... with my man! Have a great time!

  8. What a silly thing to say. Did she mention ebooks were ridiculous, too? Haha. ;-)
    Gorgeous pictures as usual - keep up the lovely work. xx

  9. Hope you've enjoyed your time at Wimbledon! What a treat it would be to go :)
    I have not read the Alexa interview and she may have her opinion...but when it hits her bottom line, bet the tune she sings will change in more than 140 words or less!
    I love blogs that are lovely (like yours!) and make me feel happy, beautiful, entertaining maybe? I look at them like I look at a movie...I don't want snarkiness, cruelty, bullying....I want to be transported to a lighter place. If I wanted harshness, I'd watch the news or read NYT.
    Thanks for adding beauty to my day .. Hope you have a lovely one as well!

  10. hmm I've not read the interview - to be honest I'm a bit over the whole Alexa Chung thing as she seems to be popping up everywhere, and really there are far more interesting people one can look to for what is passe or not.
    As for Wimbledon - how wonderful - it sounds utterly lovely!
    I do hope you are feeling better and more in sync with things - hooray the weather has turned to summer for you.
    Best, Annie x


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