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posted on: Friday, 17 June 2011

Hello blogworld. So here we are - a Friday again and this week I have been spending my time, errr, well...thinking!! I have never thought so much in my life (and that is saying something for me). The product of having more time on your hands? Time to think. In amongst that head time, I also did the most punishing circuit training session ever and now can barely walk unaided. But it's a good ache; the one that comes with well-used muscles. I have seen friends and been walking by the sea. I have lovingly attended school events that would have normally caused me a logistical headache. I have read a book. I have run up my phone bill as there have been a few dark moments where friendly intervention was needed. All in all I am hanging in there. Staying upbeat as afterall, it's all about having a positive mental attitude...

The weekend ahead will be good. Time with family, wishing the weather would pick up. What is with the rain? Come on sun...make an appearance!

from Atlantic Pacific

Oh Olivia P...

photograph by Brent Darby

via home from so cute things
How sweet is this? Pride...

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein at Cannes

photograph by Elizabeth Messina

I think this boat looks just majestic...and I don't even like sailing. I wish I did...

via a ladys findings from country homes and interiors

via pretty stuff

by Selina Lake
via toast

Trying to smile every day...


  1. Hey sweetie, I was just thinking about you as I made my dinner! and wondering how you are. I hope that your time off is proving to be therapeutic despite the increased opportunity for thinking ;) (dual edged sword in my experience!).

    Have a beautiful weekend. Sending you lots of love. xox

  2. I will be praying for a sunshiny week-end for you Lou ~ love those cupcakes! Sounds like you have had some highs and lows this week ~ try not to think too much... Hugs. xo

  3. things of beauty- totally....the sailing boats just capture sydney harbour for me...
    i thought the bread bin, the flowers & cook books was my kitchen for a moment- that is uncanny!!!

    hugs & friendship...
    you know that it's always here...
    i can't promise you the sun, but i can promise you the friendship...
    have a wonderful weekend with your loving mob...

    melissa xx

  4. Happy weekend! thank you for your inspiration.

  5. Love these pics -- you did a wonderful job at piling these together! Hope you get some fine weather soon x

  6. Lovely pictures. Gotta love Diane's husband's (boyfriend's?) grin. Says it all, really :)

  7. Fingers crossed for at least some sunshine this weekend :)

  8. Dear Lou

    Keep smiling!
    Wishing you a sunny and happy weekend. M.

  9. I knew you would be doing better with some time off, free thinking, and doing mom & girl stuff. Love all those images, and I chose the SAME sail boat for my post tomorrow. Great minds? Just know ALL of us out here are cheering you on & know your
    fab spirit will prevail. xx's

  10. Beautiful photos as always - I hope you are having a lovely weekend and that the time off is working for you.

  11. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Also hope you are able to rest and that it's doing your body good. Circuit training doesn't sound like rest, but I'm sure the resulting soreness was satisfying. Have a great week!

  12. Love love these photographs! I wish it was Friday.

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