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posted on: Tuesday, 14 June 2011

And so it gets whittled down to the basics. For me this means the home, the family, the day-to-day. I have turned my back on all things taxing and I am seeing how it feels. Two words: strange and changeable. Some moments I feel weightless, free, happy. Others I feel worried, dark, unsure. There is no plan. I have not planned for this! And so I turn to the things that give comfort - friends and food and nature. Mid life crisis? Yep; I think so...!

Today it's a shy summers day - not quite brilliant sunshine, but trying. This is our sixth summer in the farmhouse so this is what I see:

...newly purchased, freshly laundered pillow cases...

...cherry red shoes...

...the lavender love seat...we were given this bench as a wedding present...

...the new rose my Mum planted for's called 'Bonica'...

...the bounty of unread books, just waiting to be discovered; an unexpected and touching gift from my fairy blogmother... favourite, utterly decadent, means-something-to-us painting by Jessica Cooper...

...the wheat field outside my window...
Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and observations...part of life's tapestry that there are so many of you with input, support and views. It swells my heart. The scan I had came back all clear - there is nothing sinister to report. The pain persists but medically no explanation can be found for it. So I bed this in and try to concentrate on the minutiae of life for abit, to see what happens next. Sometimes you have to just take your foot off the peddles and freewheel...

...willow tree and white picket fence, all images here taken by me...


  1. You do have to freewheel....YES!!!!

    I know it is impossible to tell someone who is naturally predisposed to worrying and pondering not to worry.....but I really hope you can ignore all the "taxing" stuff and just focus on YOU. Whatever IT is, you have been carrying IT around for too need to be free of IT!!

    I really think you need to give yourself space, time and peace....not to ponder and consider, just to be. The world will still keep on turning.

    Your home looks absolutely beautiful....if I had that view, I would never leave home!!!! The loveseat is so pretty :)

    Enjoy your books my, dream, transport yourself, exhale.....just BE xxxx

  2. That Simone is a special girl ~ isn't she!! I love all these shots Lou ~ especially your lavender bench... Give yourself time to just be ~ be happy ~ be free and take you foot off the pedal and coast. Don't forget to shoot your arms up in the air and go wheeeeeeeeeee. xo

  3. That bench looks like the perfect place to sit and be and focus on the beauty outside rather than the struggles of life. These are all beautiful pictures and seem to capture the loveliness of where you live. I hope you are able to appreciate your time and focus on you.

  4. what a beautiful beautiful post Lou! those pillows are really cute and that painting super fun!

  5. Enjoy the moment. So hard to do I know, but really you have so much. I mean, look at that view and garden! That's enough to make anyone smile :-) It's crazy that we go through life, having to be reminded what is good in it, but the majority of us do need that nudge. I'm giving you one now... your life looks pretty good. Smile. Lx

  6. Hi honey, I just love the photo' the red shoes and those pillow cases and what a beautiful outlook you have.

    Gorgeous,thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Lou, I do hope you can get to the bottom of this pain. There has to be an explanation and a cure. It's just presented itself yet. Pain is worsened by fatigue, so the rest should boost your energy.

  8. What a beautiful home you have! And red shoes are always the best kind of shoes!

  9. Beautiful images, such a stunning place to relax. Hope you feel better soon my lovely!

  10. What a perfect love seat! A beautiful garden you have indeed! And I'm loving the pillow cases? Please can you share where you picked those treasures up from?
    Rachael x

  11. So glad to hear that the scan was clear of anything horrid. I love your images, especially the white picket fence and the field view. Make the most of your gorgeous surroundings now you have the time. There is much pleasure to be had from the simple things.


  12. my last message was gobbled up...

    i'm so glad your scan showed nothing to hard to contemplate...
    so lovely must grab that basket of gifted books from our gorgeous simone and take them into your garden...
    sit on that love seat & just BE...
    watch your kids...gaze at that field over the hedge...& know we all wait for a little bit of you & your take your time...& enjoy life with nothing hanging over your head....

    thinking of you...M xxx

    PS- i NEED those pillow slips- where are they from? x

  13. Lou I hope you're hanging in there. You've been on my mind a lot these days.


  14. Sending you lots of love Lou... the farm looks like the perfect place to be resting.

    Thinking of you x

  15. How lovely to see a little part of your world Lou. Take this time to smell the flowers and enjoy!

  16. Loo, I know this is going to sound as if I am a bit bonkers but I had this horrid thing on my jaw that really really hurt and would swell and made me absolutley sick with worry! I eventually went to the docs and onto have a scan which was all clear and guess what - pain totally disappeared over night! I do not in any way want to trivialise your pain by suggesting it is not real but I think that the mind is a very powerful thing and maybe now you know there is nothing there and you can take some time to just be it too will disappear! I do hope so x

  17. loving those shoes and that coca cola painting. totally fabulous!

    your blog is adorable - i'm your newest follower.
    til next time,

  18. Hi Louise,

    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos - I truly enjoyed seeing them. Love them all, and your shoes are so, so cute!

    You've certainly got a great memory! The coat I'm wearing in the photo on my recent blog post is indeed my trusty old Burberry mac. I'm really surprised you actually remembered me posting about that one ages ago. How impressive!

    Hugs from Norway :)

  19. Lovely photos - love the wheat view from your home. Reminds me of the wheat fields of Kansas, where I grew up. I hope you enjoy taking time off work and just being a mom. That's one heck of a job by itself!

  20. I love the 'freewheel' sentence..! I must do that too. With closed eyes and both legs out on the sides..! That is what life must be at times. Without a worry in the world.

    I am so glad your scans came back positive. Sad though that the pain persists. Can I suggest something that may be beneficial. It's gross, but has done magic for many people who have had inexplicable symptoms and pain - namely 'parasite detox'.. It's a simple process of taking a supplement that rids the body of parasites.
    This one is great:

    Your holiday house looks divine. What a wonderful place to spend time. Enjoy, breathe, be and just let the rain or sunshine wash your worries away!

    xx Charlotta


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