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posted on: Thursday, 9 June 2011

When having a life crisis; to blog or not to blog? Hard question and one that I keep coming back to. So this is experimental. Words and pretty pictures just have to be therapeutic don't they?

I have taken the fairly momentous decision to take some time off work. Even as I type that I can't quite fathom that it's come to this, as I have always been Lou: workingmother. For abit I will be Lou: mother. And to boot, Lou: mother-with-a-health-issue. Really trying to be brave about the whole thing. But I know I am not right as I have had to i) admit it and ii) call on the big guns of family and friends to help me through. When you form your life being self-sufficient, this, to me, represents a big deal. So there you go; bear with me as my thoughts meander...

I think this is so pretty...via crush cul de sac via dust jacket attic

A word on friends. It never fails to amaze me, the kindness of others. I note this especially when rallying is required. Friends who rally and offer to help, who email and text with encouragement and affirmation. This week has been about the rally. And from some unexpected sources; school mums particularly of note.

via tiny white daisies
A word about Godparents. When we choose Godparents for the Boos, we did not follow tradition (which is to have three Godparents per child, all different, men and women). We simply choose for both our children to have the couple who were our best friends. The love they had shown our children was open and giving and without agenda. So Godparents they were. Then some time passed and they, as a couple, split up. Trauma all around and we had to, in some way, grieve for the friends we once had and adjust to having them as separate entities. I recall having worries at the time that the change in their relationship would affect their ability to be Godparents to our children, as I think Godparenting, even in these modern times, is a really important job. It really matters to me that my kids have trusted friends and confidants that they can turn to. And in these formative years it matters that they have people, other than their parents, who turn up and lavish them unconditionally with love and guidance.

This week, the friendship offered by those two Godparents has been amazing and I am so thankful again for the support. Sometimes it's not just the children who need love and guidance...

Meanwhile in a complete topic change, in efforts to simplify I got one of these. A mastery of engineering, this tool peels, cores and slices apples. I am just so taken with it and best of all; the kids can do it and there are no injuries. This is Lou's best gadget of the week.

from lakeland

And finally a word about well being. Instinctively I feel like I want to take long walks; a combination of head-clearing, scenery-absorbing, light exercising walks. And to cook good, health-giving food. Or maybe I should take a leaf out of my lovely Mum's book and tackle making some cakes? She bakes on a daily basis and she is one of the happiest, least worried people I know. Is there something in that? Time will tell, but I am hoping, with some time off I will get happier and less worried.

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  1. Lou, I have been out of blogland for a while and not yet caught up on all posts. I hope all is OK? Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way from down under. Look forward to hearing (and seeing??)your change in lifestyle. ..Lisexx

  2. Hi there Lou,
    Well, for what it's worth, I think that you have done the right thing. It must have been a hard decision to make but, in the long run will be so beneficial. If you think about it, you have been studying and working and having your children since you were a young girl, with hardly any breaks, apart from your maternity leave I should think so, now is the time to just take a break from what has, up until now, been the norm.I think that it's just what you need.....a change in the routine and a little time for yourself. It could also be beneficial to the pain that you have been having.
    Enjoy this change of lifestyle for a while, embrace it and you will get so much from it.
    Start baking those cakes ( your husband and children are going to love it !! ) .....your new gadget is going to come in very handy!!
    Much love and, look on this as a lovely new era and, who knows, you could enjoy it so much that work might just have to live without you for quite some time yet !!
    Take care Lou. XXXX

  3. Hello Lou,
    Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts.
    Love Rachael x

  4. Lou, I hope you find a resolution. Although I have never met anyone with facial pain, it must be common. I am here in St. Petersburg Florida and drove past this place.

    TMJ & Facial Pain Center
    5454 Central Ave # C
    St. Petersburg, FL 33707-6129
    (727) 327-0000

    Thinking of you and I hope you find a solution.


  5. Hi Lou, that's great that you are able to take some time off to focus on you. It's also great that you have such a great support system to get you through. Sending positive thoughts your way from Boston - Mary

  6. Change is hard and scary. You do need to focus on you and I know in your heart you have done the right thing. I will keep you close to my heart and hope that they find out what is causing your health issues. Long walks ~ quiet times and a good read are always therapeutic.n Hugs to you. xo

  7. I've been lurking but now I'm over here thinking of you...

  8. I love that you have stopped and listened to your intuition. I think you do that a lot and it's a great gift. Stopping is a wonderful thing to do. It will make the starting again, when you're ready, all the better. Take care and be kind to yourself.

  9. Oh good on you Lou, even though it's different, I do hope you get some time to re-group through this decision.

    Enjoy and relax honey, now that's an order lol...hey my SIL has that apple gadget and her kids love it.
    ps your mum sounds the best :)

  10. Change is hard. But you are prioritizing your health and that is wonderful. Take care xox

  11. miss lou lou- stopping, breathing, relying on others...not all come naturally to us mothers...but now is your time my lovely friend....

    walk and wander and bake and look after yourself...
    thinking of you...as you know...

    melissa xx

    p.s- another lovely little helper-{if you don't already do it} is a bath with bergamot and geranium oils....
    just beautiful....
    try it....x
    it won't change you health but it will make you smile...x

  12. Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts. Life sometimes throws us for a loop. Rest, relax and take this time to care for yourself.

  13. Samuel says don't worry auntie lou, we love you and everything will be ok...promise xxxxx

  14. Wish you the best of luck with the time off, your health, long walks and cake-baking. Change can be so prickly to embrace, but unexpected good things can come out of brave moves, I reckon. All best wishes.

  15. Thinking of you my dear

  16. Lou! I have missed you!

    This post is beautiful... you are so right in everything you have said. We need people like this, and to be people like this for others. You have me thinking of who I would consider as godparents for my own children one day... not sure, but I will have to consider it for certain.

    I hope you have some quiet moments this week — baking IS always good... put on some great music or perhaps a great girly movie in the background and just enjoy... thinking of you...


  17. Lou I'm thinking about you...this has to be a tough decision for you and that's how I know you're health has got to be scaring you. I'm here even if you want to shoot out an email across the ocean. I suffered with Celiac disease misdiagnosed for 6 or 7 years and, at times, felt as though I was losing my mind. Hang in there. Here's hoping for a proper diagnosis and many deep cleansing breaths.


  18. You have done absolutely the right thing taking time off work....NOTHING is more important than your own health and wellbeing, you have gone on long enough and need to fix you. As you said the other week, you are the glue and if you're not right....well, we all know what happens!!

    I think just being Louise is what you need to focus on right now...don't even think about the "working mother" bit. That's not important.

    You clearly have a great network of friends and family, I am sure they are more than happy to step in and help. Say yes to all of them!!

    Thinking of you lovely girl....and if blogging helps, then do it and if doesn't feel right, then don't xxxx

  19. Dear Lou,

    I have had facial pain too – the 'classic' form, trigeminus neuralgia – and it was terrible. But please don't give up hope. If you have the classic or typical form, you can have surgery (microvascular decompression, often called Jannetta's operation). I've had it, and haven't had any pain since. A whole new life after four years of misery. So please ask your neurologist about it or get a referral to a neuro-surgeon.

    My very best wishes to you.

  20. Dear Lou,
    Over the years I've discovered that sometimes my body "has a mind of its own". In other words, for whatever reason, NOW is time for a "vacation" from work and carrying that (however admirable, amazing) load of taking care of everything/ everyone. Asking for help is NOT a "bad" thing. (Nor is it "weak" or any of those other negative adjectives! If you knew what a control freak I can be, this statement would carry even more weight!)
    It sounds as if you have a wonderful support system in place (even if that wasn't your intention). Let these people give you what you have so generously given them.
    I sincerely hope you get this health "issue" sorted asap and return to your vibrant, pain-free health.
    (I've come here via Tania's blog.) (And have a soft spot for your blog name since my daughter is absolutely shoe-obsessed...)
    (I'm an American living in Belgium for decades).

  21. Lou - I'm so sorry to hear of your health woes. I've been pretty absent in blogland and have only just caught your last few posts - I do hope you are starting to feel less overwhelmed and off-kilter. Our bodies have a funny habit of making us slow down when we most need to - I do hope you are managing to. Sending you lots of happy, healing thoughts! Best, Annie x

  22. Lou, I think you are doing absolutely the right thing. As women we feel so much pressure to be and do everything. I (whisper it) love not working and I bake most days! I'm glad you have such good friends. Jude x

  23. Oh - I really hope the time off helps you and that long walks and nurturing yourself turns out to be what you need. x

  24. Dear Lou - I absolutely think you have done the right thing. There is nothing more important than health and family.
    The best advice I have ever been given was 'when in doubt, go back to basics'. It applies in every aspect of life and so when things get complicated, I simplify and regroup. It always works.

    I agree with Simone. Only blog if it helps you feel better. We'll be here regardless..

    Massive hugs from afar

    xx C

  25. I am so so so sorry to hear that you are unwell, and I send little prayers that the outcomes of the MRI scan are offering an easy solution to get to the source of your pain and make it go away. xx

    PS: If you like quirky, slightly old schoolishly tools, you should have a snoop around here: http://www.manufactum.com/

  26. Hi darling, my adult daughter was seriously ill last year with a series of completely undiagnosible symptoms. Head to toe checked by all manner of specialists. Nothing. She had intense pains in many different places, she didn't sleep right, she cried. Luckily, I was able to go be with her in Florida for the duration of all this.
    Believe me, I know how badly she felt. All she could do was WORK, come home-have dinner-sleep and start over. As her mother, I knew she was maxed out, totally. We changed her diet completely, gave her lots of love, understood she felt poorly. Little by little she made her way back up. She resigned her job, came back to Texas which is home. Happily, she's now OK. No pains anywhere. The mind is telling you that you need OUT of all the stress. Heed the warning, my love. Slow down, breath, and LIVE. Sending love...Marsha

  27. Lou, thinking of you and feeling your pain. I do hope you are well soon. I am so glad you have such wonderful love and support around you. You are blessed with that. Take care my friend...Thinking of you,
    Big Sis xxxx

    PS...the apple gadget? got it, love it...the best invention ever!

  28. Dearest Lou, I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to take time off work but I think it was the right one for you at the moment. It brings it own pressures which sometimes we trundle on unaware of.
    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hope all it well when you get your results... and hopefully some answers?
    Lots of love xxx


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