A year on; sweetpeas, fondness and growing up...

posted on: Monday, 30 May 2011

I am all about tradition, as demonstrated here...a post from this time last year. This weekend our old friends from University came to stay and brought with them lots of loveliness in the form of gifts, their scrumptious boys (who have grown so much!) and all the store of memories and fondness of the last 18 years. For me there is something wonderfully life-affirming to see old friends and a part of me relaxes in the knowledge that they know me; there is no pretense, no manoeuvring.

...freshly picked sweetpeas...

...freshly made cakes...
Their visit coincided with high winds but we braved the beach anyway, at times huddling in the beach hut barbecuing sausages for the kids, as we are hardy Brits! Not exactly optimum May bank holiday weather...

Cricket orchestrated by the Daddies...my friend J whose book has steadily cimbed up the Amazon charts over the past year and who now spends his time teaching and talking at conferences all over the country! I remember him when...well, when he was always arranging some fab student-related event like a beer festival or a summer treasure hunt around our Uni town. Resourceful? Err, yes...

...cricket on a deserted beach, when a hoolie was blowing...


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time!

  2. Sounds beautiful, Lou - so glad you had a lovely time :)

  3. Love your sweet peas Lou ~ I just planted some yesterday!! Our long week-end weather did not cooperate with us either but oh it is still so nice to have a 3 day week-end! Enjoy your holiday Monday ~ now I am off to work ~ blah.....

  4. It has been a blah holiday weekend, but it's good to see that british spirit there with cricket on the beach despite the weather! Enjoy the rest of your weekend - Melissa x

  5. I wish it was only 18 years since University. But I have to agree even after, dare I write it, 25+ years it's fab to see old friends and their families!
    Have a great half term.

  6. It looks fantastic. I do hope to live close to beach one day, as I think sometimes blustery beach days can be as fun as sunny ones and it looks like this one was.

  7. Nothing like rekindling old memories amongst great friends. The beach looks stunning maybe especially so because the weather looks a little wild.

  8. Sounds lovely to me, my friend... I have been thinking of you and have been meaning to stop by and say hello :)

    Wishing you a fabulous start to the new week,

  9. Glad you had a nice weekend despite the weather. Awesome that you can have fun at the beach even with the wind. We had one cold and gray day this weekend, but then the sun and warmth finally found us! Oh I'm so happy summer is here!

  10. Oh Lou, you're so lucky to live near the beach. I miss it.

    Your sweet peas are beautiful. Hope all's good with you xx


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