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posted on: Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thank you so much for all of your empathy, kindness and advice following my last post. Wonderful to know that there are those out there who understand! Somehow it has lessened the burden knowing that. Honestly - thank you.

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So what else is new?

I have never been one to hold back on the shopping front and this habit is reaching new proportions as I revel in dressing my daughter! Girl's clothes can be the stuff of dreams and I would go as far as to say most mothers who have boys will mention that they would love to be able to dress little girls. The pinkdom of it all...

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With my daughter, suddenly she has tipped over from a little girl to a 10 year old; not a young woman by any stretch, but on her way. I am loving choosing clothes for her now. The absolute flawlessness of her (in my eyes) means that I do, I admit, get great pleasure from seeing her look comfortable in her own skin. And rightly or wrongly in our house that has something to do with nice clothes. Have I ruined her already?! I realise this is wildly superficial and children shouldn't be bothered by what they wear, but the point I am making is that she is on the verge of growing up and she is finding her style. I find this fascinating! She makes these cool little outfits which are appropriate but also fun. I think it's just lovely. If ever I wanted a mini me; I got one.

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I have thought a bit recently about why people choose to have lots and lots of children. You know those families where there are three or four siblings all bustling along together at the school drop off like baby ducks following their mother? I find myself wondering what that would be like, although I know for sure I don't want more children. I have huge admiration for any family where the children outnumber the parents. And there must be something incredible about having lots of brothers and sisters; of that feeling of solidarity and unity. I am one of two and I have two children. It's all even for me. I am also fascinated by those mother ducks who have a gaggle of beautiful, tousled blonde children and look amazing and have tidy houses. Oops there I go again comparing myself...female angst at it's best.

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I have been running this morning. I find that I want to run the most when I think of it, usually late at night, with a little fission of excitement at the prospect of running the next morning. Then the morning arrives and I am less keen..but the schedule dictates. During the event, hmmm there are definitely moments when I wish I was not there. But after - when those endorphins kick in and my muscles feel tightened, then it's all good.

I went to a parent's talk yesterday at my kid's school, on Internet safety. It was given by the Police and seriously it was an eye-opener. Given that social media sites are kinda my thing, there wasn't anything technically that I didn't know. But what shocked me was the way in which young children, when online (facebook accounts at 10 - eh? no thanks) are so vulnerable. The point most laboured was this: do not share personal information. Of course the fact that I have a blog sent a shiver of worry through me. Am I putting my family in danger by sharing? Ugh...does not bear thinking about. Why is it that something I love could become something so ugly when looked at through different eyes?

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I am being everything to everyone this week, with far too many social engagements and events and work things happening....when does that down time I said I needed start?!


  1. I love that you have a "mini me"! Gorgeous x

  2. Ah.. bless the Boo finding her own style.. how lovely! And why not enjoy it with her, I don't blame you in the slightest! Yes the gaggle of children...it always amazes me and whilst we choose not to have more than the one, I have every admiration for those that have the brood. As for a tidy house too? They must never sleep! xxx

  3. morning sweet...

    how proud & lovely are you with your biggest boo...

    as a mama of two girls- i soo understand the love of dressing them...
    audrey is happiest in a total party *frock* or her cox & cox tiger jumpsuit at the moment...but Ella has a style that i adore - a little boho, a little rock chick and ALL clean and simple...fresh skin...washed gorgeous smelling hair and smiles...

    and as a mama of three- i looove that i have a gaggle that follow me through the school playground...that they gather friends on the way...that they love home made muffins to share after school...
    what others may see differently- i see as creative loving non-chaos...
    as long as there are fresh flowers & a clean kitchen & sitting room for me...i love that they can all have space in their playroom...

    i could do with some more hours in my day- & perhaps someone else to make the beds...but i like it organised & lovely & done my way...so time will tell....!

    PS- our gorgeous Sol is 10 and completely lovely...you would always have a house on the beaches of sydney in the family! tee hee!!

  4. Love your mini me comment! I think you put just enough out there Lou ~ not enough that someone would be able to track you down ~ but enough for people like me to get to know you from afar. We all need and want more time ~ we have a long week-end ahead I am so looking forward to it! Happy Wednesday. xo

  5. What a lovely post! I have a little brood of girls - three to be precise 11, 8 and 5 and they all have their own distinctive precious style! Number one is seriously chic (she would like to do "Meryl Streep's job in Devil Wears Prada please Mummy" - and when I said she is not nearly nasty enough as she is a little ray of sunshine, she said with a mischievous smile, "oh I can be!") number two is a rock chick who plays electric guitar (and piano and sings) and usually rocks at least one piece of leopard print clothing or shoes when she can choose (!) and number three is pink dresses and tutus all the way! One of my daily pleasures is seeing them all together in their school uniform, though as this is my eldest's last term at prep school and pastures new await her.. one year of matching dresses and straw boaters has been divine.

    Happy Wednesday too - by the way, as my day job is a barrister, the days of a clean and tidy house to my standards have long since slipped away ... I try not to sweat the small stuff anymore .... ;0)

    Amanda xx

  6. You are so sweet! I love to read your post and the way you share.
    About the internet, yes it can be a scary thing but all we need to know and teach our little ones is which are the dangers and all is going to be good. I do understand you because sometimes I can get very paranoid about any Danger that can get to my baby (still bump) but we have to put ourselves a stop otherwise we will go mad!

    I am glad that you find relaxation in running, go for it and again keep researching for a cure :-) YOU WILL FIND IT!!



  7. Dear Lou,
    I am one of two and I have two children myself. I used to think that it would be nice to have more children but, we felt that it was so much easier to give our love and attention to two and would start to get a little difficult if we had more ..... and, children cost a LOT !!!! It is pretty expensive when you have two at University let alone another one, two or more !!
    It sounds as if your daughter is growing up beautifully under the guidance of a lovely mum, and will blossom into a lovely young women, have no fear.
    I also worried a little about having a blog regarding security but, we don't give much away and, it would be a sad world if we worried so much that we never did anything.
    Have a lovely week and go and do some more shopping !!!! haha. XXXX

  8. Having grown up with three sisters and a brother, there was never a dull (or quiet) moment throughout my childhood. It was fun and just full of adventures; we never felt alone and we definitely loved each other's company. Now that we're all grown up, our favourite thing to do is share stories of our childhood; the fights, the games, the laughter, the chores... the conversation topics are endless... I don't know how my mom coped but she came out of it alive and sane!

  9. Blog security os something I think about as well. How much to share and what is appropriate to share. I doubt I'll post any wedding pictures as that would be sharing a lot of other people's information that is not mine to share but it is a tricky path to walk.

    I love that you have a mini-me and that she is finding her own style. That is brilliant to hear. I still tend to revert back to the style I found between about 11 and 17 as often as I can now I am not those ages, so I reckon its a great time to find a style that works.

  10. Iiiih. Lou that last section on 'social media and kids' sent chills down my spine too.. We recently got 'internet access consent forms' from school and I bet a similar talk to the one you attended will come in tow.

    Glad your week is filled with nice highlights, though I hear you on the down-time. Is there really such thing? I find myself always filling every moment to the brink of.. knowing well and truly that if and when I carve out a sliver of time for myself it almost always gets eaten by 'life'..

    Big hugs and hope you are feeling better this weekend. Ache-free and happy Lou - that is my wish for you.

    xx C


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