Things of beauty...

posted on: Friday, 27 May 2011

Bonjour vendredi! This week has been one of extremes...I have to say my parenting skills have been put through their paces. An early-in-the-week trauma that required my daughter to be very brave set the scene, and since then we have been gently resetting ourselves back to normal.

I spent one afternoon on a Mummy day (as opposed to a work day) watching a rounders tournament in one of the most beautiful school settings I could imagine. I have to say, when it comes to private schools, there really is another breed of school mother. I can knock it, because I am in it; by virtue of geography, hard work and luck. Nevertheless I am secretly in awe...

We have best friends visiting this weekend, with the promise of a proper British beach hut experience, come rain or shine. It's a bank holiday too so time will be spent in the garden. Normally my realm only extends to the inside of the house; the outside is his domain. I can't get concerned over weeding flower beds and mowing the lawn. However last weekend we planted a mass of pretty roses and flowers and all week I have wanted to nurture them, water them, just enjoy their prettiness. Planting a garden is like having money in the bank. It can make you feel replete.

via dustjacket attic photograph by Olivia Graham

from marilyn tov
Be a brave girl Boo...

by lilcoletterpress on this etsy

photograph by Robin Stubbert

I really need to take heed of this:

by thetwitterpated toad from this etsy
Oh, summer sun...when will you arrive?

via 79 ideas from free people
Wild mint is growing free in our garden...the smell in the evenings is divine...

photograph by Robin Stubbert

via dustjacket attic photograph by by Pasquale Abbattista
Outdoor dining...under the blossoms...

via this is glamorous via country homes and interiors
I liked this, so I bought it.

from Jigsaw
A print called 'Suburbia'...was it designed for me?

'Suburbia' by caleb gray from this etsy

via tinywhitedaisies from Livs Lyst

This weekend, get outside...and breathe it in!


  1. Lou I needed to see that advice on the house...let us carry on and find a relaxing weekend! xoxo-Carrie

  2. Happy Bank Holiday weekend Lou.....a few days to spend NOT cleaning the house !!!! haha
    ....and, I am going to have to speak to Simone. She had a photo of a dress from Free People and, I went on their website and spent a few bob !! Then realised that it comes from the States and had quite a hefty postage and packing !! Still, I don't think that it will deter me in the future. I LOVE their clothes and jewellery.
    We are planning a little bit of gardening, weather permitting ( I'm definitely a fair weather gardener !!) and some celebrations for our son's birthday.
    Sending bravery vibes to your Boo.
    Enjoy spending time with your visitors. XXXX

  3. Enjoy! Hope the sunshine makes an appearance too!

  4. Three cheers for the week-end! I so hope that Boo is feeling better. I agree with you about flowers and weeding is instant gratification! I hope the sun shines for you this week-end Lou ~ I am totally in love with that last photo. xo

  5. Traumas requiring bravery from a little sound painful for the mummy too, I hope the heartstrings are recovering as the days go by. Bet you've been brilliant with her.

    No need to be in that for heroes. (As my mother has always said if I have felt intimidated by anyone, "Darling remember everyone puts their knickers on one leg at a time"!!) Have a lovely halfterm. x

  6. perfect post to begin my day.
    the imagery is stunning..
    bestfriends visiting makes for a better world

    i'm glad my life isn't wasted ^.^

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  7. What a fine advice. It feels great to be out of the air-co rooms and get some fresh air, especially on weekends. My plan is just to lie on the hammock beneath the sun and soak all summer has to offer :) Thanks for the lovely images! Your blog is gorgeous.

  8. This collection has to be of my gave "things of beauty" post so far (and that's really saying something as they are always amazing!). The picture of Alexis b., the seersucker blazer, the two little girls...! Such a beautiful post, thank you for putting a big smile on my face this Friday :)
    xx, kait

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend Lou. I am dying to know what a proper British hut is! You will have to tell me someday :)
    I went along to the Chelsea Flower Show last night...the selection of roses was on of my favourite things about it. I kept circling the herb and veggie gardens too and managed to get away with yet another gardening hat. A girl can never have to many..yes?

    I am with you on the private school phenomenon, it is the parade of luxury cars in the pick up line that cracks me up. This is my ninth private school..four kids and four countries later and there is no difference between them all except a few more Muffy's in the USA :)

    Best wishes Lou for a super fab weekend!

    Jeanne xx

  10. And brave Boo....hope she is on the road to recovery x

  11. The Minty, Buffy and Jonty bit made me laugh out loud. Little L will start school at a posh little private school in London in about two years. Let's see how this will go...