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posted on: Friday, 20 May 2011

Crazy busy week...not quite back in the swing but on my way, I hope. I wish I could say I was having a quiet weekend but the opposite is true - we are hosting a double birthday party for both children, in the garden. It will be sunny! I can feel my yearning for a holiday heightening, starting to count down the weeks to July. We need some family time and quite simply to have nothing to do and nowhere to be for a while. In amazes me how much life ramps up even when you make a conscious effort to keep it edited and easy.

Cameron Diaz...photograph by Mario Testino

j crew summer 2010

via 79 ideas from fri

from voy

by me - my back garden

Kate Bosworth

via edgar modern, painting by Jessica Cooper

via poise and vogue

via simple sparrow flickr
via pretty stuff from sushi pedro
Natalie Portman

Olivia P style from from Zara

via modern country style from Cabbages and Roses

via poise and vogue from jak and jil

photograph by Stephanie Rausser

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  1. Lou, these are all such pretty photos! they make me want to put on a pretty dress and go for a picnic or a bike ride! hope you have a great weekend and the weather stays nice for you :) ill be emailing you back xx

  2. Great shot of k Bosworth...cameron too, though maybe a bit airbrushed:)? Happy friday to you too!! x LondonZest

  3. Hi Lou,
    It's so lovely to have a holiday to look forward to and by the time July comes, I think that we are all ready for a break.
    I LOVE your own photograph of your garden. It's a beautiful image.
    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you have great weather for the joint birthday bash !!
    Many, many happy returns to them both. XXXX

  4. love these! beautiful photo selection. have a lovely weekend, darling!

  5. So sweet pics!!!

    Have a great weekend, enjoy today, don't wait so hard on your holidays, or they will come and go so fast. Hold on!!!


  6. What gorgeous, pretty, summery and calming photos Lou....I think I finally just exhaled after holding my breath for what feels like weeks!!

    LOVE the one of your garden...sooo pretty. And I so want that bike...been looking at bikes for my daughter but am now coveting an old fashioned basket on the front bicycle myself.

    I daren't look again at our Zara bag at the shops, I love mine but am thinking I should have bought the pale one :)

    I hope the sun shines for your birthday party :) Have fun!! xxxx

  7. so so beautiful and inspirational images! lovem all! happy weekend lovely! xoxo

  8. Keeping life edited and easy...I love the expression Lou. You are right..just when you think you can coast a bit, is all go.

    Hoping you have a lovely weekend!

    Jeanne xx

  9. Loving your apple blossoms Lou! Have fun at your birthday party celebration and I hope the sun shines brightly upon your entire week-end! xo

  10. Lovely to hear you seedling better xox god I love a day bed. Gorgeous ox

  11. I have nominated you for an award if you don't mind. And thank your for your kind wishes about my good news. I am still rather excited, and may even have found a wonderful dressmaker!