The little things to brighten a day...

posted on: Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I've got to say, it's not been the best of times lately. It's not that bad, but it's not great either. With one thing and another I feel like there are too many important matters that are being neglected in my little world. Try as I might (and I really do) I seem to never get on top of things. Sometimes this passes me by and I figure 'I can not do it all'. Other times it weighs heavy on my wellbeing, making it harder to see the light side. Along the way though, when working out what on earth should take the priority, some of these little things help me find my perspective.

Like Jake word: eyes...

Bowls of the freshest fruits, packed with vitamins that might just stave off the down-time lethargy.

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A well thought out email from a dear friend whose empathy and advice made my worries about my currently tearful daughter seem less...worrying...

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 The prospect of hot summer sun and nothing to do all day but be...

Going to bed when it's still just about light outside...all sleep is good sleep...

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Beautiful flowers...I am almost considering retraining as a florist...!

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  1. I'm sorry life has been tough - sounds like you spin a lot of plates and it is awful seeing your kids unhappy, I really feel for you.

    I cant help asking, is retraining a real possibility? Could you do what you love, working with flowers/creating jewellery and finally following my dreams may not make me rich but is so fulfilling! Bx

  2. I have a sad child as well right now, and my head is full of worries for him. I do hope your daughter is feeling ok.
    My very best friend retrained as a landscape gardener after many years working in marketing for big corporates. The best thing ever for her. How lovely it would be to create wonderful floral displays every day.
    I wish I had gone to bed when it was still just about light - that would have been so wonderful. Maybe tomorrow instead !!

  3. Everything here is so stunning as usual. I wish I could say Jake is sexy but my brother looks like him :) And yes you should retrain as a florist. I think it'll add a little spark of happiness to your days, Lou! Chin up and smile. Someone in Michigan loves you xoxo

  4. His.eyes.are.amazing!! haha seriously makes me weak in the knees. :)

  5. Hmmm well those eyes did the trick...ha ha.

    Take care sweetheart, things will brighten.
    xoxox Deej

  6. Isn't Jake such a darling to match the colour of those sexy eyes to your blog banner..! :)
    The mouth ain't bad either..

    Sending warm energy and big sisterly kisses from a terribly cold, wet and miserable Sydney.

    xx C

  7. Unfortunately, I know just what you mean. I have so much in my life, and yet things don't seem to be as great as they could be. It seems like life shouldn't be as much of a struggle as it often is. I am sure the warm sunshine of summer will help us both. Jake's eyes help too. ;-) Hope things look up for you soon.

  8. Lou! I just replied to your email :). I love this post! they all definitely brighten up any sort of day! especially when jake is included. he is just outrageous. along with bradley cooper and patrick dempsey. i love them all haha.
    hope everything is looking up :) xx

    oh and i forgot to answer in the email but i am only 5'4" so many items of mine have to be taken up by like a billion cm haha. x

  9. Mhmmmm, Jake... always one to lighten up my day... :)
    I hear you about feeling not being on top of things. It will come back, of that I am sure. xx
    PS: yip, September. Goodwood Revival. Cup of tea at the beach by any chance?


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