Things of beauty...a royal wedding!

posted on: Thursday, 28 April 2011

At time of writing, the royal wedding remains an unknown of tomorrow. The nation (world) on tenterhooks ready to see our young Prince wed. All week on television, the images of William as a child, with his mother, making our hearts ache in the knowledge that she will not be there to see him marry Kate. But we are all ready to watch, to share in this lovely, romantic national spectacle. For all that is said and written about our monarchy, this event makes me feel so patriotic; I can't wait for my children to see the display, much like I did in 1981 when Charles and Diana wed.

So we will be there, bright and early with a full English breakfast of sausages and bacon! Then champagne and scones with jam for afters!

photograph by Mario Testino
Come rain or shine, you know she's going to look fabulous...

...a gorgeous Burberry trench...
Another brunette beauty...

Penelope Cruz in Spanish Vogue

via coffee and cognac
Here's hoping the happy couple can steady their nerves...

via here
Pink champagne anyone?

Or strawberry milk smoothie?

via what katie ate
What will THE dress be like?!

from emerson made

via hollyhocks and tulips

via bhldn

union jacks via British Cream Tea

photograph by Jamie Beck from me to you
After all of the excitement I might just have to lie down...

via toast
I'm hoping for a wonderful, utterly British, long weekend...


  1. Oh Lou, that photo with the 6 dresses is so gorgeous!!! I like the middle is a big raggedy, but I bet that look was so hard to beautifull all of them.

  2. Very beautiful images and wedding inspirations!

  3. DIVINE too to all of the above!

    enjoy sweet!

    melissa xx

  4. Gorgeous pictures Lou. I'm really looking forward to it too. Dress by Sarah Burton and shoes by Gina I hear. Have a lovely day xx

  5. Lou-Lou, a perfectly lovely post. I love all of the pics. And, yes just for a moment all of us can stop and dream that fairy tales really do come true. Come over to see MY Royal Wedding attire and tell me what you think. I'll be twittering back & forth with much fun, even though I must be awake, or just stay up, by 3AM Houston time. xx's

  6. Gorgeous collection, Lou! I hope you have a fabulous time watching the wedding :)

    Oh how I want that BHLDN dress ... I was going to buy it for my photoshoot with D in San Francisco but even the smallest size is 1" too big in the bust, boo!!! I'm not sure there is a bra in the world that can make up that difference, hah.


  7. I would love to be in London for this wedding. I am very very excited about - pro monachy or not, I think it is still fantastic to have such a public celebration of love. And you Poms do that pomp and pageantry so well. Have a lovely day. xo

  8. A gorgeous post Lou.
    I shall settle in and watch the event, raise a glass and toast this lovely young couple. I love the pageantry of these events that we do so well here in Britain!

    Enjoy the day Lou xx

  9. I am so excited too! I just blogged about walking around London yesterday, which you may enjoy :) XOL

  10. it was just the most perfect day! real life fairy tale! it made me want to get married haha! it was just so amazing.
    and i loved tweeting along with you today. it was so fun haha :) xx

  11. this post is beautiful! the wedding was amazing.

  12. You find the most beautiful pictures Lou ~ love them all and I am loving the Union Jack ~ especially when it is flying along side my maple leaf...


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