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posted on: Friday, 15 April 2011

Hello! So, I am incredulous that it is my little boy's birthday tomorrow; Boo 2 will be six years old! How did that happen?? So tonight I need to deck the house out with birthday bunting - as I do whenever it's someone's birthday - and wrap quite a few presents (yes, I went a tad overboard at Toys R Us), to get ready for the big day. A family tea party with cake will follow. Of course this time of year always makes me think about when I had him, especially as it's when the rugby season draws to a close and on the day I was in labour, my husband insisted on playing rugby and then called me from the sideline to check my progress (contractions still regular, but not alarming!). Oh how different things are with the second child! We both knew it might take some time, but still! The weather has turned back to its seasonal norm so no sun and overcast. Exactly as it was this time six year's ago.

My thoughts this week have been quite exclusively on what I eat and drink. I have been on a detox all week and to say it's been an obsession would be an understatement. I live for food and spend most of my time wondering what I will eat next so it's been very hard to get excited about juices, soups and steamed vegetables. An interesting sojourn into dieting though, and one I hope not to persist with; I did it for health and for a kick start (see, I am already talking in the past tense...I am near the end!). But it does make me see what discipline is required to keep to a diet.

There have been beach days and country walk days this week, as predicted. We are nearing the middle point of Easter holidays - 2 week's down, 2 to go!

Things of beauty here with a delicate, lace-thin disposition....

Sigrid Agren at Elie Saab, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011
I love this image...I studied Jane Eyre for my dissertation at University...oh Mr Rochester!

via day dream lily, photograph by Candice Lesage
I like this scarf...

scarf by artlab via etsy
How beautiful is this? A tree-lined boulevard in Prague - photograph by my friend Natasha - If you want to read a love story to brighten your day read her blog ...

Spring time in Prague..
Ooops, look, he just creeps in the mix sometimes...soooo lovely.

gorgeous George...

Photograph by Polly Wreford

photograph by Mikkel Vang

Keira Knightley

from Cabbages and Roses

from jcrew

jil sander uniqlo

 Natalia Vodianova by Jean Baptiste Mondino via Beauty Fetishist
via swoon photograph by Juliet Elizabeth Photography via The Wedding Row
This symmetrical window and chair arrangement speaks to me...

styled by Tricia Foley
Absolutely stunning picture here from Vogue China...

photograph by Paolo Roversi 

Here's to a healthy weekend that features Birthday cake!!


  1. Happy birthday to Boo 2! I hope that you all have a lovely day :) xo

    And thanks for the linky :) Have a beautiful weekend!

    PS. Have no idea why I wrote "linky."

  2. A perfectly delicious collection of pretty images to kick off what will hopefully be a perfectly delicious weekend!

    Especially love the pink scarf and the lovely flowers on the lacey table.

    Hope you all enjoy the birthday tea!

  3. Unforgettable nice post...Just many exellent taste,gorgeous choices!!!
    Thank you for giving me pretty,pretty feelings:-)))*

    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  4. Happy birthday, Boo 2! Have great weekend celebrations.

    Lovely Things of Beauty as usual. I also made a link to Natasha's blog in my post tonight! :) Her story makes me so happy.

  5. Yeah for cake and Happy Birthday to Boo 2!! Love thaat shot of the chair with the big pillow Lou ~ the print reminds me of some comfy pillows at my grandparents farm. The tree shot is gorgeous and screams Spring! Happy Week-end sweetie. xo

  6. hope you have a wonderful birthday party to Boo 2! enjoy the weekend! xo

  7. Happy friday Lou :) and a massive happy birthday to little Boo2! give him a big big big cuddle for me :)

    Diets are so impossible! i have the worst self discipline ever but im going to have to bite the bullet soon and just go 4 weeks on a reasonable diet, not as difficult as the detox you are on now but...i will struggle haha.

    happy birthday to little boo again :) xx

  8. happy birthday to your lovely little man...
    my big gal has her 13th birthday party tomorrow...i can't quite believe it...
    it really does feel like yesterday...doesn't it...

    diets are tricky...boring and tricky...but you seem to be *almost there* or is that just the tenses you are using!

    have a wonderful bday weekend...melissa xxx

  9. Oh, that photo of GC is just perfection! And happy birthday to the little one! He has a great mother. :)


  10. Gorgeous.

    Detox go you!! I always give up after a day xox

  11. love all of these images and happy birthday to boo 2

  12. 6! Happy birthday to your little guy. Hope you had a happy celebration and a wonderful weekend. Gorgeous pictures this week - love that you snuck in a picture of George - we can always use a little more George in our lives. That tree-lined photo from Prague is beautiful.

    Can't really relate to the detox efforts, although I'm impressed at your resolve. My version of detox is giving up ice cream (and replacing it with handfuls of chocolates!). I'm hopeless.

    Have a great week!

  13. Dear Lou, Happy Birthday to Boo 2!

    Ditto Mary, that is a gorgeous picture of George. I've met him and he's actually BETTER looking in the flesh... xx

  14. Congratulations and many HAPPY RETURNS of the day*** to one of my favorite blogs :)

    p.s you kill me with Clooney *wink*

  15. Oh, that picture of George kills me. Yum!


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