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posted on: Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter is done, the children happily dispatched back to school (in summer uniform as well; nothing like little boys in short trousers and a blazer). I have had more than a glimpse of the sun and have revelled in every minute. Here she goes again about the weather! What would it be like to live in a warm climate? As someone said to me today - England doesn't have any constants in weather; each day can bring a deviation from the seasonal norm. A ten degree temperature differential, day to day, is commonplace.

via bippityboppityboo photograph by Hazel West
I am thinking a lot about me. This must be an indication that all is well with life as my thoughts have shifted from everyone else to myself. I am wondering: am I comfortable in my own skin? I think a lot about the ageing process and so want to be OK with it. I dearly want to just accept it gracefully - where can I find the wisdom to look at my younger self and not feel a tinge of regret that those days have gone? I said I would look forward and I will...but I am finding that the past is filling up behind me, like an enormous sack of memories and nostalgia and it feels somehow greater and heavier than the sack that contains the future. Does that make sense? Is this midlife? Is that what this is? Please distill wisdom...it will be gratefully received!

Today, I am delighted to have some time alone again, I am putting my home (life) back together after the what I have christened to be 'brain haze' of school holidays. Suddenly now focus is regained and I can actually get it together to make that appointment/sort that stuff/make stuff happen. This will, for sure, make me more centred by the evening as I am a simple soul, who likes nothing better than a pile of ironed clothes or soup out of a glut vegetables or a clear table top. It's the getting done that I like.

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  1. Happy Easter Lou!! From your beautiful previous post it looks like you had an amazing one. That photo of your boo's jumping through the sprinkler is so amazing and so adorable!

    I cant believe the holidays are already over with. It feels like yesterday when you wrote about how they had a month off! Crazy how time flies so quickly!

    Haha i love what you have written about the English weather. It was so so true. Its so funny living in completely different climates for months at a time. When im in Sydney, I constantly wish for rainy days as the heat can just get on top of you sometimes. But when I am here i dreammm of hot sunny days haha.

    Hope you are having a great week getting everything back in order after the time off :) xx

  2. Ahhh Lou, I too used to dream of living in a hot climate, but with heat comes mosquito's... and some days you are a prisoner in your home, because it is just too hot to play at the play ground and a nice air conditioned home is just too appealing. Yesterday we had a mid 70's day and I said to the husband... if only it would stay at this temperature all summer long. Lx

  3. Sounds like you are having a peaceful time after the rush...I just love the two photo's...the flowers are gorgeous.

    xxx DJ

  4. I love summer uniform, in my little girl's case, blue and white stripped dress, navy blazer and the sweetest straw hat. We snuck a few extra days holiday and are still in Brittany (same weather complaints!) so I have to wait for that peace you describe so well, until Tuesday. Jude x

  5. some alone time is always so perfect and refreshing, i am glad you enjoyed :) you have a lovely blog!

  6. The key to aging gracefully, lies in the fountain of youth that is your spirit, which is forever young, just a speck in infinity...

    And remember, what you see in the mirror, is not a woman growing older, but a woman growing stronger, wiser and more beautiful every moment...

    Dusty Rose

  7. I have those
    same thoughts
    about less road
    in front of me
    than behind me,
    but I throw them
    off quickly and
    try and revel in
    my blessings.
    Good luck with all
    of your "getting
    xx Suzanne

  8. hello lovely....
    firstly sweet- i loved your last post...your boos in the garden- heaven!
    we too have all out wisteria out, climbing up the side of the house...the smell just reminds me of spring.....so beautiful...

    now...as i think about the past and the future i am not sure which makes me more emotional....
    yes there was my younger self...i didn't realise how simple looking after myself was when i would sit in the park with little babies....sighing about the happiness in my life...
    the maintenance has grown somewhat...it's not all roses anymore...but i do look to the future me with a wonderful sense of self and balance that i didn't have when i had my youth and my small babies....

    our youngest Audrey, is turning 6 tomorrow & along with all the wedding fun & the big garden party we are throwing...i will be stopping quietly...alone for a few moments of reflection...her birth...the joy she brings our family...but then i'll also look to her wonderful future...and somehow it makes mine all the better...

    have a wonderful day tomorrow with your boos...and your celebrations...
    i'll have a glass of pink bubbles with you from my country house to yours at 11....

    melissa xxx


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