Happy tired...

posted on: Monday, 18 April 2011

I seem to have spent all day thinking I might sit down to write something and then found that not one opportunity presented itself. A day at home doing not very much, but every minute was filled with some domestic activity, accompanied by the children waxing and waning between interest and boredom. I simply refuse to provide entertainment every day of the holidays; they need to learn to just 'be'. And so they did.

The weather has gifted us a warm spell, this Spring has been memorable for it's breezy, sunny, full-of-hope days. Today was for drying laundry on the line, walking in the wheat fields around our house, trying out all of the new birthday toys. Making the most of the garden...wishing I had more time to invest in making it look pretty...

Photograph by Minna Mercke Schmidt
Meanwhile, as these domestic chores passed the day (I made soup and granola; get me!) my mind was full of plans: Easter egg hunt, Royal Wedding breakfast party (my union jack bunting is on order; I will celebrate!), the next birthday (Boo in May). However not one plan materialised into anything as I find when I spend weeks and weeks in the children's company I have this haze around my brain that makes it impossible to think straight! Once I get a moment to myself again, the haze will lift and life will fall into sharper focus again. But for now, it's just about picking a Spring bouquet or wiping surfaces clean for the hundredth time. Basic simple activities that have left me with that weary but satisfied tiredness; a kind of ache as I type this...happy tired.

Photograph by Minna Mercke Schmidt


  1. I'm so excited for the Royal Wedding too :)

  2. I wasn't that excited about the royal wedding, but the television networks here have been playing moony montage advertisements for it and they have piqued my interest, so I will be taking a look ;)

    Plus I guess it helps that I am all moony about my own life right now, heh.

  3. Lovely post Lou and gorgeous images. We have a sort of Easter tradition here that we have been doing for years. Friends host an egg rolling event where we all decorate our eggs (usually some amazing and hilarious designs) we then hurl them down the field, until they crack. (you sort of have to be there!!)


  4. hello you...oh how i hear you...
    & sometimes the *nothing-ness* of the day is ok...for all of us...
    i absolutely don't entertain our little gang all holidays long...it's so healthy for them to be happy in themselves isn't it!
    your day of walking through the wheat fields...
    hanging out the washing...{yes it is a thrill after all these months!}
    & thinking of birthday and wedding plans sound like heaven to me...

    simple...lovely...embracing of spring...
    i posted ella's birthday photos today and a few party ideas...so much fun...
    enjoy the warmth...love this freckle-making weather...
    we are heading to London with my nieces from Sydney tomorrow- going to visit the queen...share our thoughts about bunting and cupcakes for the wedding and the like...

    hugs to you...m xx

  5. Oh ~ I so want to come to your Royal Wedding party! I am actually excited that we will be back from our trip for it and I will have my alarm set for 4 am (yawn) to catch it all. Hugs for a wonderful Easter week-end Lou and enjoy the rest of your break. xo

  6. Guess its a good time to prepare something for easter I guess. Where decorating our living room with funny egg faces, should your kids try some to ease their boredom. Again the century wedding, omg, I can't wait for it.

  7. A happy tired...that's a good way to describe it:-) The Royal Wedding breakfast party sounds fabulous! xoxo


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